Adding Admin to Instagram: A Simple Guide

Managing an Instagram account is an essential part of owning a business. However, the difficulty of adding an administrator to the account can be challenging. This article aims to provide a concise guide to easily add an admin to an Instagram account. With this simple guide, business owners can easily manage and maintain their Instagram accounts with help from a dependable admin.

1. Introduction to Adding Admins to Instagram

We all know the power of a social media platform like Instagram. It allows any individual to reach out to tens of thousands of people with their profile and content. This is why it is important that the management of an Instagram account be done carefully and efficiently. One of the main options for managing an Instagram account is to add admins, which allows multiple users to access the same Instagram account.

Admins can be added through the Instagram application on a computer, laptop, or smartphone. It is a simple process that requires the same steps no matter which device is used. Below outlines the primary steps to add an admin to your Instagram account:

  • Step 1: Sign into your Instagram account on the device of your choice.
  • Step 2: Go to the account settings and select the ‘Manage’ option located near the bottom of the page.
  • Step 3: Click the option to ‘Add an Admin’ in the box labeled ‘Other Users’.
  • Step 4: Now enter the Instagram user name of the person that you would like to make an admin to your account.
  • Step 5: After entering the username, click the ‘Done’ button to add the user as an admin.

It is important to note that once someone is set as an admin on an Instagram account, they may not be removed. Therefore, you should take the responsibility of adding admins wisely to ensure your Instagram account is managed correctly.

2. Eligibility Requirements for Being an Instagram Admin


To be an Instagram admin, one must be at least 13 years of age. The 13-year rule applies to all countries and operators. There is no upper age limit for being an Instagram admin but if you are under 18, you will need to provide parental or guardian consent when signing up.


To be eligible for administering an Instagram account, you must be able to access the app and website. This requires an Android or iOS device with a web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Firefox. Additionally, a stable internet connection is also necessary.

Account status

The person who wants to become an Instagram admin should have their own Instagram account and their profile should:

  • Be active
  • Not in violation of Instagram’s user agreement
  • Have a good standing with Instagram’s trust and safety standards

Admins must create their own accounts, so using another user’s login credentials is not allowed.

3. How to Add an Instagram Admin

You can add other people to help manage your Instagram business account. Here’s :

  • Visit the Settings in your Instagram profile. Go to “Settings” via your profile page, and select “Account”.
  • Choose the “Business” option. If you have a business account, select it from the list of Accounts.
  • Go to the “Administrators” page. Once you have selected your business account, go to the “Administrators” page, which will show you the list of people who currently have access to the account.

Adding other people as admins to your Instagram business account is now simplified. All you need to do is enter their Instagram username or full name and select their role before they receive an invitation to access your business account. An admin can assist with tasks like creating posts, replying to comments, and analysing Instagram Insights.

Before adding someone, it’s important to know how the roles affect user-access levels. The “Insights Manager”role only has access to data and stories analytics, while the “Admin” and “Content Creator” roles have full authority to post stories and make changes to the account.

4. Possible Limitations of Adding an Admin

One limitation to consider before adding an admin is workforce capacity. If an admin is already overloaded with tasks or the workload is too great, bringing on an additional admin may not be a viable solution. It’s important to assess existing workloads and resources to consider whether more staff would improve productivity.

Additionally, access permissions are something that should be carefully thought through when adding an admin. An admin will typically be granted greater access privileges than other users, which means particular attention should be paid to ensuring access permission levels are aligned to the admin’s requirements. This will ensure data and systems are appropriately protected, whilst still enabling an admin to perform necessary tasks.

Lastly, it is essential to ensure an admin has the required technical knowledge and training. Without the necessary technical expertise, an admin might not be able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Setting up the right training and support resources can help to ensure an admin is able to complete their tasks effectively.

  • Workforce Capacity: Assess existing workloads and resources.
  • Access Permission: Align access privilege levels to admin’s requirements.
  • Technical Knowledge: Ensure admin has necessary training.

5. Conclusion: Benefits of Adding an Admin to Instagram

Adding an admin can significantly improve a business’s Instagram account. The primary benefit is an increase in content quality, as an admin can craft and post high-quality content that resonates with followers. An admin can also monitor and respond to user comments, ensuring that followers’ questions and concerns are answered in a timely and satisfactory manner. Both of these aspects of increased content and customer service lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Having an admin also helps increase website clicks and, ultimately, drives more traffic to a company’s website. For example, an admin can create and promote CTA’s, or call-to-actions, which will lead to increased website visits and conversions. An admin can also stay ahead of the game by creating eye-catching visuals and content that will capture user attention.

Moreover, admins can produce useful data and insights about their followers, enabling them to tailor their content to be more engaging for their desired demographics. Admins can achieve this by tracking and analyzing user engagement and by conducting strategic testing of different visuals and content.

  • Increase content quality
  • Provide customer service
  • Drive website traffic
  • Produce useful data

Following these steps will allow you to smoothly add an admin to Instagram. Through this process, you have learned how to maintain the profile of your organization, how to protect its integrity, and how to best manage it overall. With your newfound ability to use Instagram effectively, you can rest assured that your account will be in safe hands.