Adding to Instagram Highlights without Posting to Your Story: A Guide

In recent years, Instagram has become more than just a platform for sharing images and videos – it has become an ideal platform for creative expression. Many users are taking advantage of Instagram Highlights, a feature that allows users to save content for the world to see for longer than the typical 24-hour Story period. In this guide, we’ll explain how to add content to your Highlights without posting it on your Story.

1. Understanding Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights are a great tool to give more visibility to your best posts and stories. They are collections of posts, permanently visible in your profile, that users can view with a single click. As they stay on your profile constantly, they should be used to showcase the best or most significant content you post.

Once you’ve chosen the content to include in your Highlights, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose a descriptive and eye-catching name for your Highlights.
  • Organize and curate your content in logical groups.
  • Create attention-grabbing covers for your Highlights.

Creating Highlights is an easy way to give more visibility to all your content and drive more engagement to your profile. Give it a try and start creating beautiful and meaningful Highlights that build your brand and resonate with your followers.

2. Benefits of Adding to Your Highlights

Adding your highlights on LinkedIn provides multiple valuable benefits to job seekers and professionals, which will take you one step closer to career success.

Making Your Profile Stand Out

Highlighting notable experiences and successes on your profile can help to make your profile stand out among other applicants or professionals. You will be able to use the section to emphasize specific skills, or even add multimedia content like images or video clips. This will broaden your reach and help people find and discover your profile due to these standout components.

Connecting With Your Audience

Highlights are not just used to draw attention to yourself, but to also engage with the audience. It can help paint a picture of your work throughout your professional journey, and keep the content fresh by updating current highlights. This is the perfect spot to showcase your updated–and relevant–skills and accomplishments, as well as project–specific achievements.

Increasing Usability

A major advantage of using them is its organized structure with different criterias, such as Companies, Projects, Education, and Volunteering. This compartmentalized structure will help users to easily surf through your profile, and give an easier onboarding experience. It also encourages employers to review the highlight section in detail, and quickly find the most relevant information.

These are just some of the ways that adding to the highlight section of your profile can benefit your career. A well-crafted set of highlights can help to make your profile more visible and personalize the reader’s experience on your page.

3. Different Ways to Add to Highlights Without Posting to Story

Instagram Highlights provide a great way to showcase content that you want to keep around for longer than 24 hours. But sometimes it can be hard to find new items to add to your Highlights without actually posting Stories. Below are some other ways to add content to your Highlights:

  • Edit Existing Posts
    Any post on your profile can be added to Highlights, so take a look at your existing posts and determine if anything can be edited and added to your Highlights instead of being posted as a Story. Crop long images, add text, or include relevant hashtags to existing posts to make them more suitable for Highlights.
  • Direct Message Posts
    You can post in Direct Messages, which don’t appear on your story or on your profile, but can be added to Highlights. Messages are a great opportunity to post more personal content that should not appear publicly on Instagram.
  • Repost Highlights
    Take content that you’ve already posted, use it to create a series of Highlights and use them throughout your feed as stories and posts. Repost Highlights can quickly provide consistent content and also have a more permanent presence on your Instagram profile.

Using these different methods to add content to your Highlights section will help keep your Instagram profile content refreshing and up to date. Keeping Highlights up to date is perfect for those who want to ensure that the content they’ve curated on their profile is seen for months or even years to come.

4. Managing Your Highlights With the ‘Make this a Highlight’ Option

Pinterest recently released a ‘Make this a Highlight’ option that allows users to keep track of their content more easily. With this tool, you can easily organize your saved pins into collections, allowing others to discover them more easily. Here’s how to take advantage of this feature:

  • Identifying Your Best Content: To manage your ‘Highlights,’ first you must decide which of your content deserves to go in a highlight. Look through each board and decide which pins are essential or most important.
  • Adding Pins to a Highlight: Once you have identified your best content, pick pins to add to each highlight. You can find the ‘Make this a Highlight’ option in the bottom right corner of each saved pin.

Pinterest also includes a preview of your ‘Highlights’ at the top of your profile so you can get a feel for how they look. If you are not happy with the order, you can drag and drop the highlights to rearrange them.

5. Troubleshooting Issues When Adding to Highlights

Verifying Share Link
Before adding to Highlights, verify that the installation was successful and that you have the correct Share Link copied to your clipboard. The Share Link should only point to your Adobe Spark Page, not to the page hosting the Spark Page content.

Checking Your Remote Address
Verify that your Remote Address is enabled on the Highlights sidebar. Your Remote Address is your publicly-accessible Wi-Fi network IP address. To locate your Remote Address, type “What is my IP address?” into a search engine and note the given address. It should match what is in your Highlights sidebar.

Restarting Highlights
If your Highlight is still unsuccessful, restart your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Save your work.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Re-open your Adobe Spark Page.
  • On the Highlights sidebar, verify you have the correct Remote Address.
  • Copy and paste the same Share Link into the “Link URL” field.
  • Click “Add Highlight.”

Now that you know how to add Instagram Highlights without posting to your Story, you can strategically broaden your reach and engage more followers. This can help you leverage the power of Instagram to effectively grow your network and brand presence, while avoiding the hassle of creating additional story posts. The ball is now in your court to make the most of your new knowledge!