Can Blocked Users See Your Instagram Story Highlights? Find Out Now

Social media platforms are rapidly becoming an essential part of day-to-day life and the way people communicate. Instagram is certainly one of the most popular platforms, and plays an important part in our lives. While the managing of who can see your posts and stories can be easily done, many people are curious as to what happens when someone is blocked. If you have wondered whether blocked users can see your story highlights on Instagram, this article is for you.

I. What is an Instagram Story Highlight?

An Instagram Story Highlight is a feature that allows you to add past Instagram stories to a gallery-like collection on your profile, visible to your followers without them having to search. This way, you can ensure that important content won’t be lost and will always be easily accessible for viewers of your profile.

Once you post stories to your Instagram profile, you can save them to a Story Highlight. To create a highlight, tap on the little circle at the bottom of your profile page. Then, press ‘New’, choose the stories you want to add, and give it a name and icon. The image you select will appear both in the highlight and on your profile page.

Highlights are a great way to showcase key pieces of content, such as introductions to your brand and products, important announcements, and behind-the-scenes footage. Moreover, you can use them to organize and present stories in a way that suits your profile. For example, you may want to create separate categories for each product line or highlight customer reviews.

II. Can Blocked Users See Your Instagram Story Highlights?

How Block Works? Blocking someone on Instagram stops them from seeing your posts, stories, and profile. They won’t be able to find your account in a search, and you won’t appear in their list of followers or followers. If a blocked person sees your story on the Explore page it won’t appear in their search results. However, if a blocked person visits your profile and views it, they will be able to see your Instagram Highlights.

Can Blocked Users See The Existing Highlights? If a person has already seen your highlights before blocking you, they will still be able to view them on their profile. Blocking someone may prohibit them from seeing your profile in their newsfeed, story highlights, or other places in the app, but stories you posted that they have already seen are still accessible.

Can A Blocked User Create New Highlights? No, a blocked user cannot create new highlights on Instagram. Once they are blocked they cannot see your posts, profile details, or find your profile in a search. Any highlights that are currently visible on your profile would only be visible to people who know the URL of your profile.

  • Blocking someone cuts them off from your posts, stories, and profile.
  • If someone already saw your Highlights before blocking, they will still be able to view them.
  • A blocked person cannot create new Highlights on Instagram.

III. Limiting Access to Your Instagram Story Highlights

Making your Instagram Story Highlights public can be risky, as not all content is intended to be available to everyone. Restricting access to specific Highlights is one way to control how your content is being shared.

Steps to Restrict Access to Your Highlights

  • Tap the three horizontal lines at the top right of your profile page.
  • Go to “Settings” and then “Story settings”.
  • Tap “Hide story from…”.
  • Add up to 30 individual names from your friend list, or select “Close Friends” or “No one”.
  • Confirm your selection by tapping “Done”.

If you want to change who can view your Highlights, you can always make adjustments. To do this, return to “Story settings” and tap “Change” under “Hide story from..” You can edit your selection and tap “Done” again.

IV. Privacy and Security Considerations

Adequate privacy and security of users’ data are integral part of any website, especially when personal information is processed and stored. It is vital to protect user data, shield it against access and manipulation, and guarantee its integrity and confidentiality. Here are some key considerations to ensure secure privacy and security of users of a website:

  • Physical Security: To prevent unauthorized access to the server room, physical security should be maintained with stringent access control measures. Regular security audits and assessments should be conducted.
  • Data Encryption: To protect data stored in the server, encryption should be used. All data stored online should be stored in an encrypted format and only accessible through encrypted channels.
  • Password Management: Passwords protecting access to private information must be regularly changed and securely stored. Complex passwords must be used, encrypted and securely stored in the database. Consider using two-factor authentication as an additional layer of security.

It is also important to observe standard best practices such as rigorous authentication protocols, network firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Protecting the privacy and security of website users must be a top priority and all necessary steps should be taken to ensure this. User access to data must be properly monitored and monitored sensitive information must always be kept encrypted.

V. How to Block Instagram Story Highlights from Certain Users

Steps to Block Instagram Story Highlights from Unwanted Users

If you have a private profile, you have probably noticed that a majority of your followers can view your Instagram Story Highlights, which showcases stories from the last 24 hours. Very often, this may give visibility to some of your posts that you would prefer to keep hidden from certain users. Thankfully, it’s easy to block Instagram Story Highlights from certain users. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Access your profile on your phone and click the “…” at the top-right hand corner.
  2. Select “Block Profile”, and type the full name of the user you want to block.
  3. The account will appear in a search list; click the account you wish to block to see the options.
  4. Check the box that states “Hide Story Highlights” if you only want to block the user from accessing your story highlights.
  5. Finally, click “Block (name)” to confirm. The user you blocked will not be able to view your Story Highlights anymore.

It’s also possible to unblock a user if you ever decide to take them off your restricted list. Click on your profile, go to “Settings”, and scroll down to the “Blocked Accounts” section. You can then “Unblock” the user you wish to remove.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware of your personal privacy settings if you are someone looking to create Instagram Story Highlights. With the ability to block and unblock users, it is important to be aware of the effect it will have on the status of your story highlights. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of the subject and you now know if a blocked user can see your Instagram Story Highlights.