Can Restricted Friends See Your Story On Instagram

There is a common question amongst Instagram users: “Can restricted friends see my story on Instagram?”. This article will provide you with the answer so you can take control of your privacy and who sees your posts. We will look at the basic mechanics behind Instagram stories, as well as the various ways you can manage who can see your content. Read on to find out more!

1. What Is an Instagram Story?

An Instagram Story is a feature offered by the widely popular Instagram platform that allows users to share a mix of photos and videos that will disappear after 24 hours.

In comparison to posts, which last permanently on your page, Instagram Stories allows for more spontaneous, raw content. The images and videos can be edited using the various text, drawing and sticker tools available, as well as chosen from the library of Boomerangs and other animations.

To view someone’s story you have to either go to their profile and click their profile image or look at the bar at the top of your main feed. You can also view stories by searching for keywords or hashtags with Instagram’s Search & Explore feature.

  • Viewing What Others Have Shared: On your feed, you can view your friends’ stories, brands, and other accounts you are following.
  • Creating Your Own: You can share your stories with your followers. This is done by clicking the “Your Story” button at the top of your profile page.
  • Choosing the Audience: You can make your stories visible for everyone to see or just for your friends by changing the visibility settings.

2. Restricting Friends on Instagram

At any given time, you may find yourself in the difficult situation of having to restrict a friend on Instagram. These instructions should help you do this so that the friendship is still preserved:

How to restrict on Instagram?
1. Find the friend in your Instagram friends list.
2. Tap on the “…” symbol beside their name
3. Choose “Restrict”
4. Go to their account and verify that you have restricted them

Restricting behavior on Instagram limits the other person’s visibility without removing them completely from the platform. This means that they cannot comment, like, or react to your post, and their comments will not be visible by the public. They can still view and share your posts, but their messages will only be visible to you.

If at any point you wish to restore a restricted user to their original status, you can always do this too. To do so, simply follow the same steps for restricting, and choose “Unrestrict” instead. You will be able to see their comments again and view everything as it was before.

3. Can Restricted Friends See Your Story on Instagram?

When you allow someone to follow you on Instagram but restrict their viewing permissions, you are essentially creating a semi-private network. This person can see that you are an active user, see your profile picture, and read your bio, but they cannot see your content, such as posts and stories.

Nevertheless, a restricted follower can still view your story – the temporary visual snippets that are shared on the platform and disappear after 24 hours. Because of the global access of stories, even if someone has been restricted, they can still view your content.

Therefore, it is important to take further privacy precautions to ensure restricted followers cannot view your stories. Firstly, consider restricting follower access to stories by using the Story Settings in your profile. You can then select who does and does not have permission to view and leave a “reply.” Secondly, try using discrete hashtags and “mentioning” tactics. Some stories are seen by a wide range of viewers who follow various accounts; by using hashtags and Mentions that are only known to a select few, you can ensure your content is only seen by people who you want to view it, for example, your closest family and friends.

4. Circumstances Under Which Restricted Friends Can See Your Story

If your friend is in your Restricted list, they will not be informed of your activities on Facebook and these updates will not show in their News Feeds either. This means that although you still remain friends, only a limited amount of your activity is visible to them. Understandably, this situation can be confusing for users. To clear up these doubts, here are the specific circumstances in which a restricted friend can see your Story.

Wall Posts, Shares and Photos: If you post on your own wall, upload a photo or share a link, restricted friends will not be able to view this activity. This also applies to posts made by other friends on your wall.

Comments and Likes: If a friend posts on your wall, restricted friends can view this post. However, they will not be able to see if you have liked the post or left a comment.

  • Restricted friends can view the posts that your friends make on your wall.
  • They cannot see the stuff you post to your wall yourself.
  • Restricted friends can see that a comment or like is left on your friend’s post, but not by whom.

5. Tips on How to Protect Your Privacy When Posting Stories on Instagram

1. Avoid Sharing Personal Information – It’s tempting to share everything about your life on Instagram, however it’s important to know that your privacy and security can be compromised if you’re not careful with the information you post. Try not to share personal information like your address, phone number, credit card details, or other sensitive information.

2. Look for Secure Accounts – When considering posting your stories, it’s important to look for accounts that have a secure login, such as those that use two-factor authentication. This is because it’s more difficult for someone to hack into your account if they don’t have the passcode. Plus, before you follow anyone, make sure to check that it’s a genuine account and not a scam.

3. Check Your Privacy Settings – Every social media platform has – or should have – their own set of privacy settings. Instagram’s settings allow you to choose who can view your posts and stories, and you can even choose who can comment and like them. Before posting, make sure to check your privacy settings and adjust them to your own preferences.

  • Don’t share personal information on your stories
  • Look for secure accounts with two-factor authentication
  • Check your privacy settings for greater protection

In conclusion, the best way to protect the privacy of your posts on Instagram is to review who can see them. If you restrict someone, they will not be able to see any of your posts, including stories. Whether or not you decide to restrict a friend, it is important to understand how you may manage your account to protect what you share in the future.