DMing Longer Videos on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the constantly changing world of social media, one of the biggest challenges can be keeping up with the new features and changes. When it comes to Instagram, one of the latest updates is the ability to share longer videos. This step-by-step guide will help you navigate this new feature and ensure you can successfully direct message long videos on Instagram.

1. Introduction to DMing Longer Videos on Instagram

As Instagram users compete to make their posts eye-catching, the longer-than-normal videos have become a staple. However, creating these videos, and managing them on Instagram, can be tricky. Here are some key points to consider when creating and DMing (Direct Messaging) longer videos on Instagram.

  • Length: Instagram limits videos to 60 seconds on its network. To share a longer video, it must be cropped into 60 second sections.
  • Format: Videos must be saved in a supported format such as MP4. Videos should be free of compression artifacts and have a high-quality resolution.

Once a video is cropped into 60 second sections, it should be posted as a series of posts. This allows users to post a longer video while still abiding by Instagram’s rules. When posting each part of the video, be sure to include a brief caption explaining the context of the video and the order in which it needs to be viewed. It is also important to use a hashtag each time to ensure maximum exposure.

Once the video has been posted, users can utilize Direct Messaging (DMing) to share longer videos with friends and followers. This is a great way to share longer videos without having it posted in your feed. It is also beneficial for users who want to DM without posting the same video multiple times. This is also a great way to share videos with people who are not following you.

2. Preparation for Uploading Longer Videos

Check Specifications: Ensure that your video meets the given specifications of the platform before making it available for upload. Check the specified duration, format, framerate, and other features. Any failure to adhere to the norms of the platform may result in the video being rejected for upload.

Choose a Good File Naming Convention: Come up with an appropriate file naming convention to ensure efficient upload of long videos on the chosen platform. This can involve including the video title, resolution, and other pertinent information in the name of the video file.

Prepare for File Compression: Compressing videos is an essential step for uploading long videos on any platform. To prepare for the process, select the appropriate level of compression and codecs depending on the purpose, quality, and speed of upload. Perform research to find out the best settings for file compression.

3. Step-by-Step Guide for DMing Videos on Instagram

Direct Messaging (DM) Videos on Instagram

Posting videos on Instagram DM is a great way to share content with friends in an engaging format. Here are some steps to help you utilize this feature and make sure your posts shine.

  • Create a post that’s suitable for Instagram DM: You can either record a new video or select an existing one on your device. It’s best to keep videos up to 15 seconds long, since longer videos may not be visible for some users.
  • Tag your friends: Tap the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Tag People’ field. This would enable you to begin typing the name of the person you would like to share the video with.
  • Send the DM video: Tap the ‘Send’ button once you’ve selected recipients. You can also add an optional text message to accompany the post.

After sending out your videos, you can check their status in your recent activity log. It shows the total number of views, the profile pictures of users who’ve watched the video and the length of time they’ve viewed it.

4. Tips for DMing Longer Videos on Instagram

Include Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Producing captivating video content for your Instagram story will engage viewers for a longer duration. Your thumbnails should be attractive and clickable, as it magnetises people to click it and watch. Having an attention-grabbing thumbnail will allow viewers to find the video interesting, thereby increasing the chances of them watching it till the end.

Carefully Craft Your Story

Every video story should have a purpose. Therefore, it is critical to craft it well and direct viewers to other content or websites. Ensure that each video story contains an interesting hook, purpose, explanation and a call to action, which will keep audiences hooked.

Choose the Appropriate Length

Videos should have an ideal length to make them captivating. Excessive length could lead to viewers getting bored and uninterested. Consider the video’s topic and your story goals, and then decide on the length.

  • Videos for brand stories should be between 25-60 seconds
  • Videos for product advertisements should be longer, between 30-90 seconds

It is recommended to watch analytics to understand the user’s treat. This will give you a better idea of which length works better for your followers.

5. Conclusion: DMing Longer Videos on Instagram

Uploading longer videos onto Instagram can be a big challenge, given the platform’s strict time and length restrictions. In order to make DMing longer videos an easier process, there are few factors to consider:

  • Consider compressing the file. Compressing videos directly impacts their quality, so ensure that the correct format and quality are chosen for the compressions before sending.
  • Utilize third-party apps. Instagram only allows a maximum of 15MB per video, but with several video sharing apps allowing video sizes to exceed 100MB, they provide an upgraded alternative to Instagram’s in-app video messenger.
  • Reduce file size and length. Depending on the resolution and content, using editing software to cut down the length and quality can reduce the video’s size and number of frames captured.

When thinking of the steps to effectively DMing long videos, it is important to keep in mind what works best for their content. Make sure the video stands out in size, quality, and audience engagement.

Continually examine what works and what does not with regards to the video’s size and its quality. With more practice, it eventually becomes easier to identify whether or not a video should be compressed or shared through another medium. DMs are constantly evolving and it is important to stay within Instagram’s guidelines and set quality standards.

Following the guide above, you should now be well-versed on how to send longer videos on Instagram via direct messaging. With a few simple steps, you can now send any video you like, as long as it does not exceed the size limit, to your friends and family without worrying about it not being received. Happy DMing!