Do People Know When You Unfollow Them On Instagram

People who use social media often feel uncomfortable when they lose followers, and they may even wonder if they know when someone unfollows them. Many users of Instagram are curious to learn whether the social media platform sends notifications when someone unfollows them. This article will answer the question of whether or not Instagram sends notifications when someone unfollows another user.

1. What Is Unfollowing on Instagram?

Unfollowing on Instagram is the process of removing all connection with a particular account. To do this, a user simply needs to go to the account of the person they no longer wish to follow and select “Unfollow.”

When a user unfollows someone, that person will no longer be able to see posts from the account that has been unfollowed. However, it is still possible to check the profile of the user, if they so desire. It should be noted that while the person unfollowed can still see the account, they will not be able to like, comment, or view any stories or posts.

When unfollowing someone, it is important to remember that you will likely still appear in the account’s followers list. To completely remove your name or profile, you may need to block or hide the account if the other user allows it. The features on Instagram sometimes change and it can be easier to simply unfollow the account if you no longer wish to see the posts.

3. How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo and video sharing social media platform, and it’s easy to find and follow people who share content that interests you. However, if you no longer want to follow someone, it is possible to unfollow them. Here’s how:

Using Your Mobile App: Open the profile page of the person you want to unfollow by tapping on their name or profile picture. Once you’re on their profile page, the “Following” button will be highlighted in blue.
Tap on the “Following” button, and the button will turn gray. You will have unfollowed them, and they will no longer appear in your feed.

Using the Web:Visit the profile of the person you want to unfollow. Once you’re on their profile page, click the “Following” button, which is right next to the person’s profile photo.
You’ll see the following options:

  • Turn On Post Notifications
  • Share from [Username]
  • Unfollow [Username]

Click the “Unfollow [Username]” option to unfollow that person.

4. The Pros and Cons of Unfollowing Someone on Instagram

Unfollowing someone on Instagram comes with various risks and rewards, depending on your personal preference. Here are some of the pros and cons of hitting the Unfollow button.


  • You can declutter your feed without having to block or report others.
  • Removes people from your feed that you no longer wish to receive content from.
  • Allows you to curate a simpler, more organized and streamlined feed.


  • Depending on how your account is set up, people you’re following may still show up in your mentions or stories.
  • May lead to confusion and hard feelings if the person you are unfollowing is unaware.
  • May lead to embarrassment if you are caught in the act of unfollowing.

Weighing will ultimately come down to your own personal judgement. If you believe it is the right call, then go ahead and hit the Unfollow button.

5. Ways to Hide That You Are Unfollowing Someone on Instagram

Muting: The simplest way to hide that you have unfollowed someone on Instagram is to hit the mute button. This will hide the person’s posts from your timeline without actually unfollowing them. Mute profiles on Instagram to hide photos, videos, and profile posts from the accounts that you follow.

Story Mute: Mute someone’s stories so you don’t have to view or to be reminded of their posts. When you mute someone’s story you will automatically stop receiving notifications from them and their stories will no longer appear at the top of your feed.

Deactivate account: You can also temporarily deactivate your Instagram account to hide that you are no longer following someone. Manage your profile and settings from the Instagram website and choose an option to temporarily disable your account. Once you’ve deactivated your account, your profile and posts won’t be visible to other users and your followers won’t be able to search for you.

Based on the above information, it is clear that people do not know when someone has unfollowed them on Instagram. However, users may expect to see a decrease in the number of interactions (such as likes and comments) that they receive on their posts if they have been unfollowed by someone. Therefore, it is important to consider a user’s privacy when deciding to unfollow them so that they can continue to feel welcome and appreciated on the platform.