Does It Show How Many Times You View A Story On Instagram

Have you ever wondered how many times a story on Instagram typically gets viewed? It’s one of those questions that has been on everyone’s minds and very few can answer. In this article, we’re going to explore whether or not Instagram shows how many times you view a story, to answer this age-old question. Here we will explain in detail the features and the implications of receiving this information.

1. Overview of Instagram’s Story View Feature

Instagram’s story view feature provides users the ability to easily share their experiences with their friends and followers in a fun, easy to use, visual format. Here’s an overview of what this feature has to offer:

  • Share Photos and Videos: Users can share a photo or video as part of their story. This can range from a quick selfie to a longer video clip.
  • Share Multiple Posts at Once: Users can post multiple stories at once, allowing them to tell a story that is longer than the normal time limit of a single story post.
  • Enhanced Filters: Users can apply special filters to their stories, such as black and white or sepia. They can also add cool effects to their photos and videos.

The story view also features a hide-from-timeline option, allowing users to share their stories without them being added to their feed or permanently saved to their profile page. This is useful for sharing stories that aren’t permanent, such as group activities or events. Additionally, stories can be shared with just a select few (or everyone) of the user’s followers.

Instagram’s story view feature is a great way for users to share their experiences in an engaging and fun way. From funny photos to stories that span multiple posts, Instagram’s story view feature offers a wide range of possibilities for users to share their personal stories with their friends and followers.

2. Explaining How Story Views Are Counted

Story views are the total number of views that an uploaded Instatory receives. They are often taken as a measure of the success of specific posts and can be used to inform future content creation strategies.

  • Story views must be initiated by an individual viewer pressing the play button. Pauses during playback, as well as scrolling forwards or backwards do not affect the count.
  • Replays within 24-hours count as one story view, regardless of the amount of time spent watching.
  • When a story is loaded from the server the single first frame of the story is initially visible to the viewer. Only when the viewer clicks it does the story truly start to play, and it is at this point where a new story view is counted.

It is important to bear in mind that story views do not take into account the length of time spent viewing the story. Nor do these views count towards the viewer’s data total or give any information about the demographic of the viewer themselves.

3. Reasons Behind Why Instagram Does Not Show User Story View Counts


Instagram knows how important the privacy of its users is, so they have made the decision not to show story view counts. This is a good thing, since you don’t want all your followers to know how many people have viewed your stories. It is possible to know who has seen a story, but the exact numbers are not revealed.

No Accurate Way to Count

In many cases, it isn’t even possible to accurately count story views. For example, some stories may span multiple days and will get views on each day. Furthermore, someone may view a story multiple times on the same day. A person would have to wait until the story expires before knowing how many people have seen it.

Too Many Variables

For different story views, Instagram would have to keep track of users who are:

  • Seen the story from the main feed
  • Seen the story from a notification
  • Seen the story from the direct message
  • Seen the story from another user’s feed

Given these variables it would be difficult to figure out exactly how many people have seen a story. By not showing story counts, it gives Instagram more time to focus on other features.

4. Benefits of Not Having Story View Counts Visible

When it comes to the visibility of story view counts, the potential benefits of keeping the number hidden should not be overlooked. By hiding story view counts, creators can feel less pressure to pursue content that would drive up engagement. Plus, it can become easier to be more genuine with content due to the lack of pressure.

Community Engagement – when view counts are hidden, content creators can focus more attention on the quality of their posts, rather than the quantity of views. Having the pressure taken off of gaining more views means that content creators can prioritize the community’s feedback instead of individual’s interest.

  • Focus on more meaningful replies.
  • Acknowledge questions and comments from audience members.
  • Learn from audience feedback and come up with original content.

Authenticity in Content – view counts being hidden can make it easier for content creators to feel more secure in sharing personal stories or topics in their content. By not feeling the pressure of view counts, creators can feel more comfortable letting their authentic selves shine through in their stories.

  • Focus on topics or stories that mean something to you.
  • Feel more confident and safe in speaking your mind.
  • Create content with more substance.

5. Tips for Gaining More Engagement Through Instagram Stories

Be Specific About Your CTA

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is an essential element of any Instagram Story. When a user views your post, they should have a clear understanding of what you want them to do next (i.e. visit your website, like a post, share it). Be specific in your CTA, and don’t assume they will take action simply by viewing your story.

Get Creative With Your Content

You want your stories to stand out from the crowd. Make sure the content you create will be interesting, unique and visually appealing to the person viewing it. Think about ways to capture attention and draw in new followers. You could include:

  • Interactive Polls
  • Questions and Quizzes
  • Humour and Memes

Promote Your Instagram Stories

It’s difficult to gain engagement on your stories if no one knows they exist. Promote your stories to increase their visibility. You could do this by linking them in your posts, or sharing them in other online communities. You could also use influencers to distribute them to broader audiences or create ads on popular social media platforms.

In conclusion, it is evident that the number of times a story has been viewed by a user on Instagram remains hidden within the app, making it difficult to know how often a story has been viewed by other users. Although this design choice is perplexing and leaves users with increased curiosity, Instagram is likely to stick to its privacy policies.