Finding Sent Requests on Instagram: A Guide to Manage Your Follow Requests

Recently, Instagram has implemented the feature to check who has sent you a follow request. This article will explain the steps to manage and assess follow requests on Instagram so you can choose who you want to follow and who not to.

I. What are Sent Requests on Instagram?

Sent Requests on Instagram

Sent Requests are storytelling tools in Instagram that allow users to collate pieces of content into a single post, which can be shared with other Instagrammers or as Stories/IGTV Videos.

  • These requests can be used to gather user-generated content that can be used to showcase your brand.
  • Sent Requests on Instagram are an effective way to create quick content that captures the narrative of a particular event, story or moment that you wish to share.

They provide an easy way to curate and share content from other users and are also used by businesses to gather content from their followers. With Sent Requests, businesses can better understand their followers’ opinions and create content that resonates with them.

II. Understanding How Sent Requests are Displayed on Instagram

Once you send a request on Instagram, it is important to understand how Instagram displays sent requests and the actions available to you at this point. Here are key considerations:

  • Request Status: Once you have sent a request, you will have three options to view its status: pending, accepted or declined.
  • Request Viewer: When you view a request that you sent, it will be marked as Pending in the “Seen by” section until the person accepts or declines the request. For accepted and declined requests, the “Seen by” section will notify you.
  • Request Actions: After you sent a request, the action options that are available depend on the request’s status. If the request is still pending, you may cancel or resend the request. However, if the request is accepted or declined, you will only be able to view the request.

It’s important to keep in mind that Instagram will not allow you to send a request to the same person more than three times. After you send three requests, you will be automatically blocked from processing any further requests for the same person.

Be aware that a declined or accepted status may take a few days to update. If it hasn’t updated in this time frame, then you will need to contact Instagram directly.

III. How to Access Sent Requests on Instagram

If you want to check which Messages Requests you sent on Instagram, it is easy and straightforward. This guide is here to help you do that quickly and effectively.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App

Open up the Instagram app and make sure you are logged into your account.

Step 2: Open Settings

Once you are in the app, take your finger and swipe down on your profile page. This will open up the Settings Page.

Step 3: Access the Messages Requests

In the Settings section, you will find the ‘Messages Requests’ Option. Tap on it. It will open a new page with all the requests you sent to other accounts.

  • Remember: You can only access the messages requests you sent.
  • Note: Requests that were not accepted cannot be accessed.

IV. Tips for Managing Follow Requests on Instagram

Manage Follow Requests Automatically

Popular social media platforms like Instagram support automated tools to approve or reject follow requests. Instead of manually going through individual requests, you can approve or reject requests in bulk. This way, you can spend less time dealing with follow requests, as you will simply be choosing to accept or reject them.

There are various options for users, such as for automatically approving requests from people who are already following other accounts, or for approving requests from accounts with specific usernames. Some tools may also help by offering customized options to filter out automated requests. To find the best tool for you, make sure to research thoroughly.

Customize Your Account Settings

Having the right account settings can help you avoid receiving unwanted follow requests. You may be able to customize your account so that you can only accept follow requests from people you already follow, as this will potentially stop requests from unknown users. You can also customize your account so that only people who already follow you can see content you post, view their messages, or request to follow you.

In addition, you can prevent unknown users from messaging you by altering your account’s settings so that only people that you follow are allowed to message you. Keep in mind that you will also be unable to send unsolicited messages to unknown users as a result of this setting.

Block Unwanted Instagram users

If your Instagram account is receiving too many follow requests from unknown users that are of no interest to you, you can block those users. Blocking users will automatically stop them from following you and may also help reduce the amount of automated requests you receive.

You can also add users to restricted lists. This way, these users will be able to view your public posts, but will be unable to comment or send messages. Lastly, you can also mute accounts if you do not want to receive notifications from them.

V. Troubleshooting Sent Requests on Instagram

If you’re experiencing issues with Sent Requests on Instagram, then there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • Verify the Connection Status – Start by ensuring your internet connection is working properly. Try connecting to another website or app to check if the issue is with your service provider or with Instagram.
  • Check Your Device Memory – If your device memory is full, this could cause a slowdown that prevents Instagram from accepting sent requests. Try to free up some space by deleting files, images, videos, etc.
  • Check Your Privacy Settings – You might need to adjust your privacy settings. Double-check the “Allow account discovery” settings. This should help Instagram identify your account so it can receive and process sent requests.

It is also possible that your account could have been temporarily locked due to suspicious activity. Visit Instagram’s Help Center to learn more about the issue and to request a review of your account if needed.

Finally, if the issue persists, it’s best to contact the Instagram Support Team. On the Support page, you can select from commonly asked questions and provide the necessary information to report your issue. The team will review your request and reply back with further instructions. Now that you know how to find and manage sent requests on Instagram, you can take the next steps towards streamlining your social media interactions. Make sure that you remember to accept, ignore, and block any incoming requests to make sure that you are keeping your account secure and out of harm’s way. With these tips, you should find managing sent requests to be a much simpler process.