Fixing the Like Count Issue on Instagram: Troubleshooting Guide

The like count feature on Instagram is a beloved feature for many users, allowing them to see how much engagement their posts garner. However, there have been reports of technical issues with this feature, resulting in like counts dropping or becoming inaccurate. If you’re experiencing a like count issue on your Instagram posts, this troubleshooting guide can help you address the problem. In the following article, you’ll learn a variety of solutions that could help you fix the like count issue on Instagram.

2. Causes and Symptoms of the Like Count Problem

The like count problem can have different causes, depending on the platform in which it appears. However, many cases share similar symptoms.


  • A platform’s bug or malfunctioning.
  • Community scrutiny: some users may try to manipulate their interactions by creating fake accounts and using them to like and comment their own posts.
  • Flags and manual moderation processes by the platform.


  • Erroneous or low numbers of likes.
  • Unusual losses of likes without logic.
  • Anomalous activity in terms of the distribution and timing of likes.

It is possible to experience a like count problem on different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whilst their exact causes and symptoms vary depending on context and platform, it is important for users to be aware of the issue in order to detect and address it.

3. Troubleshooting Strategies to Resolve the Issue

Troubleshooting strategies can be used to successfully identify and resolve issues. Fixing technical problems quickly and efficiently requires an organized approach. Here are three strategies that can be employed.

  • Check the Error Message: Consider the error message that is displayed when the problem occurs. Does it offer any hints as to what might be causing the issue? If the message is vague, it might be worth researching online for solutions.
  • Restart the System: Before trying more complex solutions, it can be helpful to simply restart the system. This can sometimes clear minor bugs and restore the system back to working order.
  • Check Connections and System Updates: Be sure to double check any cables and connections between your system and any peripherals. Additionally, make sure the system’s software is up-to-date as updates can sometimes resolve issues.

Having strategies in place to troubleshoot technical problems is essential to prevent them from occurring or escalating in the future. The strategies mentioned above are an excellent starting point when attempting to resolve issues.

4. Resetting the Instagram App

If you are having issues with your Instagram app and none of the methods above have worked, resetting the app could be another way to fix it. With these instructions, you should be able to reset your Instagram app.

Step 1: Open the App Store
Open the app store on your device and then enter “Instagram” into the search bar. Once you have found it, select it to open the page of the app.

Step 2: Tap on the Three Dots
Once the page of the app has loaded, find and tap the three dots at the top right of the page. Selecting this will bring up a menu.

Step 3: Select Delete App
Tap the menu item that says “Delete App” and confirmation boxes will appear. Tap the confirm button. This will delete the app from your device. Depending on your device you may need to authorize it.

Step 4: Reinstall the App
Once the app has been deleted, you can reinstall it from the App Store. Tap once again on the app from the App Store and tap the “Get” button. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID. This will download and install the app on your device. Open the app and hopefully, the issue you were having will be resolved.

5. Conclusion: Final Remedies for Instagram’s “Like Count” Issue

It is evident that there is no single solution to the Instagram “Like Count” issue. Understanding its complexities is the first step in finding ways to address it. There are various remedies that can be considered and a combination of them may be necessary to solve this problem.

Increase Engagement and Awareness – Creating a community of followers helps in growing awareness and engagement. This could be done through interaction activities with influencers and brands, interactive content, contests, etc. It’s important to build relationships with people who have shared interests and connect with them on a deeper level.

Focus on Quality Content – Quality posts are engaging and relatable. They stand a better chance of being shared and commented on, which can help build an engaged following. Besides, make sure the captions of the posts are meaningful and relatable and communicate a story that resonates with the target audience.

Monitor the Performance of Accounts – Tracking data and metrics is important to understand how well content is performing and to make necessary changes. Use tools like analytics and feedback to tweak the content approach and determine the effectiveness of ideas.

These final remedies can provide a starting point for addressing Instagram’s “Like Count” issue. Taking a holistic approach to the issue will help craft a strategy to boost user engagement and healthy conversations. Overall, Instagram’s like count issue is a tricky but solvable problem. As long as you’re familiar with the helpful troubleshooting tips detailed in this article, you’ll be able to restore your account’s like-count function quickly and easily.