How Do I Disable Other Peoples Comments While Im Watching Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great way to connect with friends and family, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. But if you don’t want other people’s comments flooding your screen, you may be wondering how do I disable other people’s comments while I’m watching Instagram Live? In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you can take to control who can comment on your Instagram Live streams.

1. What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is one of the newest features on Instagram and can be used for broadcasting live streams to your followers. It is a great tool for growing engagement with your followers, hosting live Q&A sessions, and gathering real-time feedback from your community.

To use Instagram Live, simply go to your profile page, click on the Live button at the bottom, agree to the Terms of Service, and let your followers know you’re going live so they can join. You can also add guests while you’re broadcasting by tapping the icon in the upper right corner. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your live streaming:

  • Keep it interactive: Ask questions, take polls, and get your followers involved to make your livestreams more engaging.
  • Connect with your audience: Utilize the comments and react to your viewers by reading out comments, answering questions, and responding to feedback.
  • Go live often: Set a streaming schedule so your viewers know when to tune in for more content.

2. What Does Disabling Comments During Instagram Live Mean?

Disabling comments on Instagram Live is when an account holder decides to temporarily block or remove the ability for their followers to interact and comment with them during an Instagram Live stream. This can be done for various reasons but will essentially make the live stream a strictly one-way communication from the broadcaster to the audience.

Reasons for Disabling Comments

  • Allows for uninterrupted focus for the streamed content (i.e., Q&A, tutorial, announcement).
  • Removal of miscellaneous comments from trolls or those not interested in the content.
  • Prevent dislikes or offensive comments from affecting the broadcast.

How to Disable Comments

To disable comments, an account holder can press the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of their Instagram Live broadcast. Select “Settings” in the dropdown menu. From there, you can choose the “Comment Controls” option and select “Turn Off Commenting.” Upon enabling this feature, a lock icon will appear on the lower right-hand corner of the broadcast to show that comments are disabled.

3. How to Stop Other People from Commenting During Your Instagram Live

Password Gathering

If you don’t want to let anyone who hasn’t been previously invited or approved by you comment on your Instagram Live, setting up a password for the Live feed is a good way to block unwanted commenters. You can set up a word, phrase, or number combination on your Instagram Live page, so that anyone who wants to comment has to enter that password before commenting. This way, you’ll be able to control who can comment and avoid potential trolls or people who are trying to disrupt your Live stream.

Comment Blocking

Another option for managing comments on your Live feed is comment blocking. This allows you to block any comments from certain users or from accounts that contain keywords in their usernames or comments. This can be a good way to screen out comments from certain people or from certain content, making it easier to moderate comments and keep your Live chat running smoothly.


Finally, you can also select a few people to be moderators of your Live chat. This way, moderators can approve any comments before they appear on the Live stream. You can choose to appoint a few people who you trust to be moderators, and they can quickly review comments and remove any inappropriate or disruptive ones.

This provides another layer of security and protection, allowing you to enjoy a safe and entertaining Live chat with your friends and followers.

4. Advantages of Disabling Comments During Instagram Live

Though people usually benefit from comments and live interactions during Instagram live streams, some may find it distracting or even harmful. Disabling comments during Instagram Live can be beneficial in several ways.

Let’s take a look at the 4 major advantages of doing so:

  • Improved Concentration: Without pesky comments and notifications constantly popping up, it is easier to focus on the content and engage with the audience more effectively. This can help to create a better viewership experience.
  • Reduced Pressure: Not having to worry about reading comments or responding to them during the live stream can reduce the pressure significantly. Streamers can enjoy their time on camera more and have more casual conversations.
  • More Control: By disabling comments, streamers can eliminate any negativity from their live streams and maintain the tone of their content. This can make the broadcasting experience more pleasurable and fruitful.
  • Content Quality: A huge advantage of disabling comments during an Instagram live stream is that it encourages streamers to focus more on the content quality. With no comments to read, people can put their energy into delivering better content and creating a positive broadcast.

These are just a few of the advantages of disabling comments during an Instagram live stream. Ultimately the decision lies in the hand of the streamer, so keep these advantages in mind and make the right choice!

5. Tips for Effectively Disabling Comments During Instagram Live

Muting Comments During Livestream – This is probably the safest and most convenient option to choose. All you have to do is to go to the Settings of your account and turn off the comment section. This means that while your livestream is going on, no one can comment or participate.

Disabling Your Account’s Commenting Option – If you want to take it a step further, you can use this feature. You can also disable your account’s commenting option in the Settings so that other users are prevented from commenting on any of your posts, which includes your livestream.

Making use of Filtering Options – For maximum security, you can make use of the filtering options available on Instagram. This will allow you to moderate certain accounts by banning or restricting certain comments or terms. You can also restrict accounts from using certain words or phrases in the comment section on your livestream. Here are a few tips for effectively disabling comments on Instagram Live:

  • Make sure to mute the comment section when you are livestreaming.
  • Disable the account’s commenting option in the Settings.
  • Use the filtering options available to moderate specific accounts and restrict words or phrases in the comment section.
  • Be reminded that you are responsible for the content that is uploaded in your livestream.

If you are hosting a live video, it is important to be aware of how to disable comments to ensure that your livestreaming is a positive experience. With this guide, you now have the tools necessary to disable other people’s comments while you’re watching Instagram Live.