How Do I Hide Highlights From My Instagram Profile Without Having To Delete Them

If you’ve ever posted something on Instagram and regretted it after, you’re not alone. Many people post photos and videos on Instagram that, for various reasons, they’d rather delete or hide from their profile. If you want to hide highlights from your Instagram profile without having to delete them, there are a few simple steps you can take. This article will explain how you can quickly and easily hide highlights from your Instagram profile without having to delete them.

1. Overview of Highlighting Photos on Instagram

Using Photo Highlights

Highlighting Photos on Instagram allows you to showcase the content you’re most proud of. You can select photos, videos and stories that represent you or your products and create a digital resume or portfolio right on your profile. Your featured stories appear above your grid and are visible on your profile.

  • Create a photo highlight section by tapping the “+” sign at the top.
  • Give your photo highlight stories a title.
  • Add stories to the photo highlight section.

You can also share single posts from your highlights section by using the “Share” button. This allows you to share a post from the highlights section to your Instagram story and other social media networks. You can also share a summary of your highlights section on your story with the “share summary” feature.

2. How to Hide Highlighted Photos from Your Instagram Profile


  • Some Instagram users prefer to remain anonymous, but might have some of their photos appear in their profile as highlights.
  • Fortunately, it is possible to hide these photos from public view by changing your account’s privacy settings.

Stopping Highlights

  • Switch to the profile view on the Instagram app, and tap the three lines icon, then tap ‘Settings’.
  • Under the ‘Privacy and Security’ section, hit ‘Account Privacy’.
  • From there, curve the switch next to ‘Photo Tagging’ and ‘Story Tagging’ so that no one can tag you or your photos and stories.
  • This will prevent your photos and stories from being featured as highlights.

Control Features

  • The Instagram mobile app also has the ‘Comment Moderation’ setting which allows you to control and filter the comments your posts receive.
  • It additionally has a ‘Block Comments from’ and ‘Turn Off Comments’ features as well.
  • These will help maintain the integrity of your account by preventing offensive and unhelpful comments from appearing on your profile.
  • Combining these settings will stop people from tagging you and interacting with your posts, making your photos and stories private from the public eye.

3. Further Options for Hiding and Deleting Highlighted Photos

If deleting and hiding photos from Highlights doesn’t fit your needs, there are still more ways you can control what appears in your Instagram stories. Here are three ways to hide and delete highlighted photos:

  • Archive: Archiving an Instagram post will hide it from your profile, and also cause it to be excluded from your Highlights. This can be done by going to your post and tapping the horizontal three-dot menu icon.
  • Selective Editing: You can go into your Highlights and select specific photos, then press “ Select Multiple” in the bottom right corner. From there, you can delete, hide, or change the order of posts.
  • Delete Post: If a post isn’t doing you any good, you can easily delete it by going to it and pressing the horizontal three-dot menu icon. Then pressDelete.

If you’re looking for complete control over your Highlights, you might want to consider manually adding and deleting posts for a more custom look. The process is simple – just go to the “Edit Highlights” option from the three-dotted menu, then delete or add posts as desired. Additionally, you can also create custom covers for each of your Highlights.

By implementing these steps, you’ll be able to take control of your Instagram Highlights content and present a more tailored profile.

4. Strategies for Keeping Your Highlights Private

It can be easy to have your highlights and achievements widely shared on social media with friends and family. However, there are several strategies you can use to ensure your highlights remain private and accessible only to the individuals you choose.

  • Using Private Profiles: Taking care and using private profiles for social media sites can help you control who views your personal highlights and content. You can update your privacy practices and choose from several setting options such as making your posts private or allowing only certain people to view them.
  • Creating Lists: Creating separate lists for particular contacts and circles can help you control which of your updates are seen by whom. For example, you may want to create lists of family and friends, so you can decide which posts are suitable for one group and not the other.
  • Adjusting Settings: Most social media platforms have settings that can help you set up the privacy of your updates. Checking your privacy settings regularly will make sure your content can only be accessed by the people you want.

Moreover, certain sites like Facebook have ‘unfollow’ options so you can stay connected to certain contacts but decide when you share updates with them. Lastly, when it comes to highlighting personal moments and accomplishments, pick and choose who you want to share them with accordingly.

5. Conclusion: How to Effectively Conceal Your Highlights on Instagram

Adjust Your Highlights Cover Image

While this isn’t actually a way to hide your highlights, it’s a visual trick that can help it appear as though you’ve hidden them. Changing the cover image of each Highlight to something other than the default text can make it appear much more innocuous. Whether it’s another relevant photo or something completely unrelated, doing this can help your Highlight become a bit more elusive.

Edit the Text of Your Highlights’ Captions

  • If your Highlights titles already show up as text rather than numerical icons, change it up. Alter the titles slightly and make sure you include any relevant text in the caption as well.
  • Play with this and create captions that don’t lead your followers to your other Instagram highlights.
  • Make sure to link to all relevant posts, stories, and content, so your followers can still access all your material.

Use Your Highlights Strategically

  • Finally, make sure your new Highlights setup plays strategically against the viewers of your Instagram.
  • Group your Highlights together so that viewers have to spend time exploring your profile if they want to view them all.
  • If you have too many Highlights, they can appear a bit overwhelming and make your profile junky, so use this strategy if you have a number of Highlights you want to prevent from being the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

So there you have it – a few different methods to hide Instagram Highlights without having to delete them. Whether you’re looking to redesign your page or keep your profile private, you now have the resources to do it quickly and easily.