How Do You Get Unshadowbanned From Instagram And Is It Common To Be Shadowbanned

Being shadowbanned from Instagram can be a very inconvenient and bothersome experience. If your posts aren’t reaching their intended audience and your engagements seem unusually low, you may have been shadowbanned. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get unshadowbanned from Instagram, how common it is to be shadowbanned, and more.

1. What is Instagram Shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning is a tactic used by Instagram to limit the visibility of certain posts for select users. The goal is to reduce spam, but it has the unintended effect of censoring certain posts from appearing on the main feed. Shadowbanning is a form of censorship, and it has caused a great deal of confusion and frustration among Instagram users.

How Does Shadowbanning Work? A shadowban on Instagram involves limiting the visibility of certain posts to users within the platform, meaning that these posts will not appear in the main feed. These posts may still appear when users search for specific keywords, or when other users follow the poster. However, it’s important to note that the posts may not be visible to everyone, depending on the type of shadowban that Instagram has placed on the profile.

What is Being Shadowbanned? Generally, Instagram employs a shadowban when it detects that posts or comments contain inappropriate content, or when it suspects that the user is using a third-party application to evade its rules or regulations. Additionally, users may be shadowbanned for using prohibited hashtags or for posting duplicate content. Shadowbanning may also affect businesses that advertise products or services, as well as those who use bots and automation for promotion.

2. What Causes Shadowbanning on Instagram?

Most of the time, shadowbanning happens on Instagram when users use hashtags inappropriately. It’s important to use hashtags responsibly and not too frequently in order to follow Instagram policies. Here are some examples of how users may be unintentionally “shadowbanned” on Instagram:

  • Using hashtags that are banned or restricted by Instagram.
  • Using the same hashtag over and over again in the same post or within several posts.
  • Using excessive or irrelevant hashtags.

Another common cause of shadowbanning is the violation of terms of service (TOS). Instagram’s terms of service are constantly changing and there is no single, concrete list of all the rules you must follow. However, some common factors known to increase the risk of shadowbanning include:

  • Posting explicit content, including sexual images or using profanity in captions.
  • Posting posts that violate copyright protection.
  • Using the same filter, caption, hashtag and/or geotag frequently.

While shadowbanning is an annoying experience, it can be avoided by following Instagram’s terms and conditions. Being aware of the causes of shadowbanning, and being mindful of your actions on the platform can help you to prevent shadowbanning.

3. How to Detect if You’ve Been Shadowbanned on Instagram

If you suspect your Instagram account has been shadowbanned, there are a few signs you can look out for.

Engagement Drops: The first and most obvious sign of a shadowban is when your like and comment counts drop suddenly and drastically. Check your engagement rate on posts you normally get a lot of likes and comments for, and if it drops significantly, you may have been shadowbanned.

Hashtag searches don’t appear: Shadowbanned Instagram accounts often aren’t appearing in hashtag searches. To test this, you can use some of your less popular hashtags. If your post doesn’t appear in the search, then you may have been shadowbanned.

Visible to only your followers: One of the telltale signs of a shadowban is when the post can only be seen by the people who already follow you. You can do a quick test by asking a non-follower to view your profile. If they can’t see a post, then you have been shadowbanned.

4. How to Get Unshadowbanned from Instagram

Check the Reason of Your Shadowban

The first step of getting unshadowbanned from Instagram is to check why you’re shadowbanned in the first place. Instagram’s shadowbanning system adds a filter on certain users, which prevents their posts from appearing in the hashtags they use, and also makes them unsearchable in the platform. To figure out the reason, you should look at the following criteria:

  • You have an unusually large amount of posts.
  • You post the same content multiple times.
  • You use too many hashtags.
  • You include content that violates Instagram’s terms.

Follow Instagram’s Rules

After you’ve located the source of the shadowban, the next step is to change your behavior to follow Instagram’s rules. This means adjusting your hashtag usage or deleting any posts that contain inappropriate content. You should also try to spread out your posts throughout the day rather than posting them in large batches.

Wait for the Shadowban to Be Lifted

Once you’ve modified your behavior and content, the next step is to keep checking your profile to see when the shadowban will be lifted. In some cases, it may take a few days to lift the ban, while others may take up to two weeks. Also, be sure to keep tabs on other users’s accounts to see if they’ve been unshadowbanned after similar behavior adjustment.

5. Is it Common to be Shadowbanned?

Shadowbans can usually occur for two reasons. Firstly, if someone posts content related to topics that are considered inappropriate or offensive by the platform. Secondly, if someone is seen as engaging in spam-like behavior.

Due to the nature of shadowbans, it can be difficult to tell whether the punishment has been triggered for your account. However, tell-tale signs that you may be shadowbanned include:

  • Decrease in engagements – If you have noticed a decrease in likes and comments on your posts after a certain point, this could be an indication that a shadow ban has been implemented.
  • Hashtags & profile not working properly – If your hashtags & profile appear to not be working properly, there is a chance you may be shadowbanned.

Although it is not a common punishment, shadowbans can happen and it’s important to practice best practices when it comes to account usage to reduce the risk of being shadowbanned. Working with platform guidelines, considering the content you’re posting and always avoiding spamming other users will help you to remain in good standing.

It is important to remember that shadowbanning is a normal part of using Instagram but it can be avoided if you follow the rules and guidelines of the platform. If you find yourself shadowbanned, there are several steps that you can take to try to reverse the ban, although there is no guarantee of success. Taking care not to violate any rules and remembering to be considerate in your interactions with other users should help to avoid any further issues.