How Do You See Someone’s Story On Instagram Again

If you are an avid user of Instagram, chances are you have encountered a post you liked, but you can’t seem to find it again. Instagram’s algorithm changes make it hard to search for posts you’re interested in. It can be even more difficult to find someone’s story because the content disappears after 24 hours. However, with a few simple methods, you can learn how to see someone’s story on Instagram again. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you can take to locate the story you are looking for.

I. What Is Instagram Story?

Instagram Story is a feature of the photo-sharing social network Instagram that allows its users to share pictures, videos and other content with followers in a slideshow over a period of 24 hours. When the Story expires, it cannot be seen again. It is also possible to save individual photos and videos from a Story.

The location of the Instagram Story feature is found at the top of the homepage on the Instagram app. It is distinct from Instagram posts, which appear in the “feed” of an Instagram profile and do not expire after 24 hours. To create a Story, a person must click on the “Your Story” button and then select whether to capture a picture or video or to upload content from the Instagram device library.

  • New Story items can be seen from a user’s profile by hitting the camera icon in the top left corner of the page.
  • The Story feature allows users to add text, drawings and stickers to uploaded content.
  • Story viewers can share posts with others via direct messages.

II. How To Find and View Someone’s Instagram Story

Viewing someone’s Instagram Story is simple and straightforward. Follow this step-by-step guide to find their content:

  • Step 1: Search for the username or full name of the person whose Story you want to view.
  • Step 2: Visit the person’s profile page.
  • Step 3: Tap the circle next to their profile picture and you will be taken to their Story.

The Story will appear in a grid of circular thumbnails, representing each part of the Story. To see a post in full, simply tap on it. The Instagram Story will start playing, then move on to the next, till you reach the end.

During playback, you can swipe left and right to move ahead and backward. You can also pause the Story anytime by tapping the icon at the bottom left corner. To exit the Story, simply tap the “X” button.

III. Tips for Visiting Someone’s Instagram Story Again

One way to revisit someone’s Instagram story again and again is to take screenshots. Screenshots are useful for capturing stories for later contemplation and for archiving them for future reference. Taking screenshots allows you to revisit past stories without having to scroll back through their feed and original posts.

Another option is to view a friend’s story highlight, if they have one. Story highlight is a feature on Instagram stories where users can create a summary of their stories. Posting highlights are a great way to document past content and allows followers to review the stories all in one place at any time.

Finally, followers can leverage the virtual privacy aspect of Instagram stories to their advantage and use it to view someone’s stories without being noticed. You can view someone’s Instagram story simply by turning notifications off and then turning your phone on flight mode for a short amount of time. This will prevent you from being temporarily viewed as an active viewer and will allow you to view a story without being seen.

IV. How To View Stories of Someone Who You’ve Recently Unfollowed

If you have recently unfollowed someone on Instagram, you may still be able to access the stories they post. Depending on your need, there are a few ways you can view stories of someone who you’ve unfollowed:

1. Search Profile In Search Bar: If you need to access their profile in the future, you can do so by searching for their profile in the search bar. This will allow you to view their profile page and any stories they have posted.

2. View Stories From Other Accounts That Follow Them: If you are looking for specific stories from the person, you may be able to view them by scrolling through other accounts who follow them. This is a good option for when you need access to specific posts.

3. Ask A Friend For Access: Another way to view stories of someone you’ve unfollowed is to ask a mutual friend if they can provide you with access. It is important to be mindful of the fact that they may not always be able to do this.

V. Tips for Finding and Viewing Archived Instagram Stories

Since Instagram stories remain active for only 24 hours in a user’s story feed, it might be hard to view them after this period. Fortunately, if you have access to the direct link or username of the story, you can access and view the archived stories on Instagram.

Here are some tips on how to access the archived stories:

  • Using the username: All stories shared by the user will remain archived and can be easily accessed by looking up the stories by their usernames.
  • By following links: If you already have a saved link of the story, you can access the archived stories by opening the link.
  • By old links: If you have links that used to open a story earlier, those links can still be used to watch the archived story.

You might not be able to access the archived story if it was posted by a private account holder. Moreover, in case you are viewing the story shared by someone else, the story might not appear in your story feed (even after reloading the page).

Keep in mind that not every user has an account set to public. Some users, especially private accounts, may not be visible on Instagram without them accepting your follow request. For more on how to find and keep track of stories on Instagram, check out our blog article.