How To Check Phone Model On Your Android

There are so many different Android phones now that it can be difficult to tell them apart or even to remember which one you own. How to find out is explained below.

Look For the Model On The Phone Itself

The phone itself may have the model number printed on it, so that’s the first place to check. It’s true that this approach isn’t as solid as it once was. The model name is no longer printed on the back of Samsung phones, but it once was. See it in action on a Galaxy S9 down below.

However, if you have a newer Android device, the back probably doesn’t have anything on it. Fortunately, you can locate this data in your phone’s configurations.

Find Your Phone’s Model Number in Its Settings

Information specific to your phone’s model should be accessible via the Settings menu, regardless of the device you’re using. You’ll need to lower the notification shade (maybe twice) and then tap the gear icon.

Look for the About Phone option near the bottom of the Settings screen. You don’t even have to open the file to see the model name.

Each phone has a slightly different ‘About Phone’ screen. There is a “Product Name” and a “Model Name” for each Samsung item. A few examples of possible Product Names are the “Galaxy S24” and the “Galaxy Z Flip 5.” Model Name is the official brand name used by the manufacturer, for example ‘SM-S901U1.’

The ‘Model’ name is all that is shown for a Google Pixel phone.

A Pixel phone’s model number can be accessed via the Settings menu by selecting ‘Regulatory Labels.’ The pop-up will be labeled with the model’s name.

There, problem solved.

Use a Third-Party App If You’re Still Having Trouble

Droid Hardware Info is a third-party app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store if you’re still having trouble locating this information on your phone.

We’ve mentioned this app before because it’s so helpful for learning more about your device’s configuration. Install it quickly, and turn it on. The model number should come right off the bat. Very simple.

Finding the model number of your phone is annoyingly difficult. Android phones come from a wide variety of manufacturers, and the operating system has many forks. You can find what you need, though, if you look around a bit.

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