How to Delete a Video Stuck Halfway Through Uploading on Instagram

With the rise of the internet, consumers are regularly utilizing the power of platforms and social media sites to share photos and videos to a wider audience. However, if a video fails to upload properly, or is stuck halfway through the process, it can be extremely difficult to remove. In this article, we will explore how to delete a video that is stuck halfway through uploading on Instagram.

I. Overview of How to Delete a Video Stuck Halfway Through Uploading on Instagram

Uploading Errors

The most common issue with uploading videos on Instagram is a stuck upload. If a video is stuck halfway through the upload on Instagram, it is still taking up space in the app’s system. This can cause slower uploads, freezes, and other uploading errors.

Deleting the Video

To delete a video stuck halfway through the upload, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Instagram app on a mobile device.
  • Tap the search icon and enter “Instagram help center” in the search bar.
  • Select “Contact Us” on the help center page.
  • Tap “Something isn’t Working” and enter a description of the issue.
  • Attach the video file to the message.
  • Tap “Submit”.
  • Wait for a response from Instagram.

Confirmation of Deletion

After submitting the issue, Instagram Customer Support will review the video and delete it from their systems. They will then send a confirmation message letting you know that the video has been deleted from their end.

II. Options to Delete a Stuck Video

Re-encoding the Video

A reliable and cost effective solution to delete stuck video is to re-encode the video. It involves decoding the video, editing it, and then recompressing it. It is recommended to use an encoding utility such as Handbrake as it supports multiple encoding formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. It can also be used to reduce the file size of the video by using variable bitrate.

Removing Corrupted Data

Certain types of files may be damaged due to application or system errors, or due to the presence of malicious software. This may result in the video getting stuck and not playing properly. To repair this issue, the computer device may need to be restarted and a reliable anti-malware repair tool such as Malwarebytes or Norton should be used. Additionally, a data recovery tool can be used to recover lost data from the video and enable it to play again.

Using Download Manager Software

A download manager software helps you to download files from the internet and save them onto the local computer. It assists in decommissioning stuck videos by allowing users to download the video in segments. This speeds up the downloading process and minimizes any problems caused by the video becoming stuck in the middle of the download.

III. Preparation Before Deleting a Video

Before you delete a video, it is important that you take the appropriate measures to ensure that the data will be securely removed. Here are some of the preparations you need to do beforehand:

  1. Back up important documents and files. Make sure you have saved on a hard drive any documents or files that are related to the video you want to delete. This is a crucial step in case you want to retrieve the video later.
  2. Check for permission to delete. Ensure that the people in the video have given permission for it to be deleted. Some companies may require written permission from owners of the video.
  3. Decide on the deletion method. You must decide whether to completely delete the video from all platforms and devices, or if you want to just hide it from public view. The method you choose should depend on the purpose and duration of the video.

These three steps are important to remember when you’re preparing to delete a video. Ensure that you do proper research before proceeding with the deletion to avoid any disruption.

IV. Steps to Delete a Video Stuck Halfway Through Uploading

The steps to delete a video stuck halfway through uploading can be as simple as canceling the upload or as advanced as a video editor to tweak the video and re-upload.

To delete a video that is stuck midway through the uploading process, you can follow the below steps:

  • On the video upload page, click the Cancel button.
  • If the above does not solve the issue, delete the file manually from your device or from the uploading service.
  • Finally, upload the video again from the beginning.

If you cannot resolve the issue by following the above steps, you can use video editor software to edit the corrupted video and then upload it again from the beginning.

V. Tips to Prevent Videos from Getting Stuck

Stream High-Quality Videos: One of the most common reasons why videos get stuck is because the video being streamed is of low quality. To avoid this issue, always try to stream videos that are of high quality. Streaming high-quality videos ensures that the video is not interrupted, which helps in preventing videos from getting stuck. Additionally, streaming videos with a high resolution helps maintain the video-viewing experience.

Have a Stable Internet Connection: Apart from streaming high-quality videos, another effective tip to prevent videos from getting stuck is by having a stable internet connection. When streaming videos, ensure that the internet connection is strong and stable. This will ensure that the videos are able to play smoothly without any interruptions.

Optimize the Video Player: Another tip to prevent videos from getting stuck is by optimizing the video player. This includes turning off the auto-play feature or reducing the resolution of the video based on the speed of the internet connection. Additionally, adjusting the cache size can also help in preventing videos from getting stuck. Below are a few tips to optimize the video player:

  • Turn off auto-play feature
  • Reduce resolution based on internet connection speed
  • Adjust the cache size to fit the device’s available memory
  • Switch between browsers to find the best video-playing experience

In conclusion, to delete a video stuck halfway through uploading on Instagram, you should stop the upload process, delete the post, and then delete the video from your phone. We hope this article was helpful, and that you have successfully deleted the video in question. Thanks for reading!