How To Play High Specs Games in a Low Specs Computer

After the pandemic, we all know how difficult it is to buy a new computer, especially with the prices being what they are now. Some of us are stuck using computers that are two years old because the cost of assembling a new one is out of our price range.

Gamers are particularly vulnerable in these situations. They can’t enjoy the many immersive titles that are being released regularly but are out of reach for them. However, that is not entirely accurate. Even the most graphically intensive games can be played on your grandma’s PC in a variety of ways.

This is the guide for you if you’re struggling with a low-end PC but still want to play AAA games.

You can play AAA games or indie games with no performance hit at all using this method. Instead of downloading the game and playing it on your PC, which may have inadequate hardware, you can simply play it online. Instead of installing the game on your PC, you can simply play the streaming game from the server.

There are a variety of paid streaming services from which sports fans can choose. If you want access to a powerful server capable of running games with cutting-edge visuals, you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription.

Streaming games to a low-end PC only requires a fast internet connection. If you want your computer to transfer data quickly, an Ethernet cable is the way to go.

Adjusting the Visual Effects

Regardless of your PC’s specifications, you can always adjust the graphics settings in any recently released game. With the exception of a tiny handful of games, many will allow you to freely tweak visual settings like resolution, effects, lighting, texture, and so on. Some games (like Forza Horizon) simply won’t launch if the required hardware isn’t in place.

To switch to other high-end games, start them up and adjust the video or graphics settings. Turn off any and all effects and tweaks, including Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, Textures, etc., and lower the Resolution to its lowest setting. If you want to play these games smoothly without any lag, lower the frame rate to its minimum.

Even with the graphics settings lowered to their minimum, some games may have trouble running on your computer. When this occurs, you can either manually edit the configuration files or employ automation tools. Taking a backup of the configuration files is a good idea if you intend to make changes to them.

Using Hardware Enhancers in Video Games

You can get the optimal level of performance for your needs with the help of game-enhancing software. Software like Razer Cortex can help you get the most out of your computer, freeing up more power for your game. It can make your CPU and GPU run faster and free up RAM so your games can use all of their resources.

When you do this and turn down the game’s graphics settings, you’ll be able to play it without any lag or discomfort. It may not look very good, but at least you can use it to play the game. However, this cheat will not degrade the visual experience and will actually improve the gameplay of some older games.

Make Some Room on Your Computer

Many programs and files, some of which you may not even know about, are often left on abandoned computers. You can improve your gaming performance simply by organizing these files and erasing unnecessary data. It’s especially helpful because it frees up a lot of memory, which can then be used by games.

You should quickly scan your hard drives for unnecessary files and delete them. You can also use the Windows Storage settings to delete the temporary files. There is third-party software that can scan a computer and identify any leftover files. To free up space, simply select the files you no longer need and delete them.

Games can then make full use of the available processing power, making for a lighter PC and improved performance.

Put an end to CPU-intensive processes

It’s not uncommon for there to be processes working in the background that use a lot of resources. You’ll need to single them out and cancel the associated jobs if this happens. To determine which programs are using the most system resources, you can check the task manager. Put an end to those programs and make room for new ones.

Removing app permissions in the settings is another way to prevent apps from running in the background. As a result, the apps will no longer use any resources. You’ll have plenty of juice to run the games smoothly.

So, with the current setup, you can simply have fun with some games while calming your nerves. Casual gaming doesn’t necessitate a brand new computer.

Is there any risk if I play AAA games on a low-end computer?

Playing high-end games on a low-end PC will strain the hardware, no matter how you tweak the settings and allocate the available resources. In particular, newer video game releases typically ship with massive game data and enormous system requirements.

Playing them on an older computer will put a strain on the system’s resources. The central processing unit and random access memory are vulnerable to overload and eventual failure. Because of this, even if the games can be run on your old PC, it should only be used for light gaming.


Now that we know how to play a high-end game on a low-end PC, we can experiment with other methods. With these rules in place, you can relax while playing nearly any PC game. Instead of spending money on an upgrade, you can make do with what you have.

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