How To See Other Users Instagram Without Them Knowing

Instagram is a great way to keep up with your pals and see what they’ve been up to. We can’t imagine our lives without Instagram and its accompanying Stories, Reels, and posts. Even though we broadcast our every move on social media, there are times when all we want to do is quietly browse our feeds.

Instagram doesn’t broadcast who’s seen your posts, but the meta-owned app does reveal who’s watching your stories. The hosting account can see how many people have read the story after it has been viewed.

You can easily hide your Instagram profile from the’story view lost’ by employing any one of these three simple tricks the next time you want to sneak a peek at someone’s feed without them knowing.

Methods for Secretly Browsing Instagram Stories

You can skip to the next Instagram story by tapping on it instead of the one you want to see.

The next step is to swipe left on the story you paused.

Please note that in order to see the portion of the story you were hoping to see, you will need to drag it slowly to the left.

You’ll be able to peek at the desired Instagram Story without being counted as a viewer by being in the middle of both Stories.

Be mindful that rapid swiping signals that you’ve seen their profile. Keep in mind that all you’re getting from this cheat is a preview of the IG story.

  • The airplane setting
  • Swipe up on your Android or iOS device to access the Instagram app.
  • The Stories will load in a moment.
  • Go ahead and activate your phone’s airplane mode.
  • Launch Instagram once more, and go back to the story you were watching.
  • The Internet
  • Get the ‘Chrome IG Story’ add-on for Chrome.
  • Launch Instagram on the web and sign in.
  • Using this Chrome add-on, you can secretly browse through all of Instagram Stories.

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