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This will help you see the history of the videos you have watched.


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History of Videos Watched on TikTok: If you are following TikTok updates regularly, you probably heard about the hidden view counter feature, which can show you a list of TikTok videos you have watched from your account.

When you check this hidden view counter, you realized that you have already watched millions of videos on TikTok, that something sounds weird and shocking to you, even creators are shocked after seeing the likes count on their videos.

But this is unfortunate for users as these numbers that counter shows are nothing to do with views at all, they are just cache actually.

Now the question arises What is cache?

In simple terms, Cache is temporary storage where applications store data, mainly to improve its speed and performance.

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For example, when you watch something on TikTok, it will store some video data in the cache so that next time whenever you watch the same thing again, it can perform faster as data is already preloaded due to cache.

You can also clear this cache from the TikTok app, go to your profile, and tap on the three horizontal lines icon. Next, find a clear cache option, and here you will find a number written appended with symbol M.

But if you click on the clear cache option, then that means you are clearing the TikTok video watch history.

If you’re new to TikTok, this guide will tell you how to see the history of videos watched on TikTok.

So if you want to see the history of videos already watched by you on TikTok, you will love this guide.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.


To see history of videos watched on TikTok, go to the menu and tap on the Watch History option. Next, you can see the history of your watched videos on TikTok of all time.

Keep in mind that the above feature is only available for the selected users.

You may also look for your viewing history by downloading your data from TikTok. This way is not 100% correct or guaranteed as we have not heard anything about it from the developer’s desk, and the data we have requested may or may not come back.

To see the history of liked or favorite videos on TikTok, you can follow the below steps.

  • To like any video, you can double-tap the heart icon, you can view all your liked videos later by clicking the heart icon present in your profile section.
  • To favorite any video, you can either long press on that video or click on the share icon and then “Add to Favorites”. You will find all your fa