In the present advanced world, our contacts hold critical significance, containing fundamental data about partners, companions, and family. While changing to another Android gadget, guaranteeing that your contacts move with you easily becomes fundamental. Fortunately, there are a few strategies to consistently accomplish this.

II. Utilizing Google Record

One of the most advantageous techniques is utilizing your Google Record.

A. Matching up contacts to find out about Record

Begin by guaranteeing that your contacts are matched up with your Google Record on your ongoing gadget. This should regularly be possible through the gadget settings or the Contacts application.

B. Moving contacts to new gadget

After setting up your new Android gadget, sign in with a similar Google Record. Your contacts will naturally adjust to the new gadget, gave that sync settings are empowered.

III. Utilizing Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers a clear method for moving contacts between Android gadgets.

A. Matching gadgets

Start by empowering Bluetooth on the two gadgets and coordinating them.

B. Sending contacts through Bluetooth

Explore to the Contacts application on your old gadget, select the reaches you wish to move, then, at that point, pick the choice to share by means of Bluetooth. On the new gadget, acknowledge the approaching Bluetooth move to get the contacts.

IV. Utilizing SIM Card

For those leaning toward a more customary methodology, using a SIM card for contact move is as yet a choice.

A. Sending out contacts to SIM

On your old gadget, access the Contacts application and select the choice to send out contacts to the SIM card.

B. Bringing in contacts from SIM to new gadget

Embed the SIM card into your new gadget and explore to the Contacts application. Decide to import contacts from the SIM card, and they will be moved to your new gadget.

V. Utilizing Outsider Applications

Various outsider applications work in contact the executives and move, offering extra elements and adaptability.

A. Prologue to outsider applications

Investigate the Play Store for applications explicitly intended for contact move.

B. Suggested applications for contact move

Applications like “My Contacts Reinforcement” or “Move Contacts” are well known decisions, giving easy to understand interfaces and productive exchange processes.

VI. Utilizing Cloud Administrations

Cloud administrations offer a cutting edge and productive method for moving contacts across gadgets.

A. Transferring contacts to cloud

Sync your contacts with cloud administrations like Google Contacts or iCloud, guaranteeing they are upheld safely.

B. Matching up contacts on new gadget

After setting up your new gadget, sign in with a similar cloud account and empower contact synchronizing. Your contacts will be flawlessly moved to the new gadget.

VII. Contemplations and Tips

No matter what the strategy picked, there are a couple of contemplations to remember to guarantee a smooth exchange process.

A. Reinforcement contacts before move

Prior to starting any exchange, it’s prudent to make a reinforcement of your contacts to keep away from any information misfortune.

B. Guarantee similarity between gadgets

Affirm that the two gadgets are viable with the picked move strategy to forestall any similarity issues.


Moving contacts starting with one Android gadget then onto the next is presently not a problem, because of the variety of techniques accessible. Whether through Google Record sync, Bluetooth move, SIM card relocation, outsider applications, or cloud administrations, keeping up with admittance to your contacts has never been more straightforward.

Regularly Asked Questions

  1. Can I move contacts from an old Android gadget to another one without utilizing any extra tools? Indeed, you can utilize worked in highlights like Google Record sync, Bluetooth, or SIM card movement to move contacts without the requirement for extra devices.
  2. Are there any dangers implied in moving contacts between devices? While the gamble of information misfortune is insignificant, backing up your contacts prior to starting any exchange to moderate potential risks is constantly suggested.
  3. Can I move contacts from an iPhone to an Android gadget utilizing these methods? A few techniques, such as utilizing Google Record sync or outsider applications, may uphold cross-stage move, however similarity issues might emerge. It’s ideal to investigate explicit strategies for moving contacts between various stages.
  4. Do I want a web association for moving contacts through cloud services? Indeed, a functioning web association is expected for matching up contacts with cloud administrations like Google Contacts or iCloud.
  5. Can I move contacts specifically, or do I need to move every one of them at once? Most exchange techniques take into consideration particular exchange, empowering you to pick which reaches you need to move to your new gadget.

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