How To Transfer Contacts From One Android To Another

I have several Android devices. How can I combine two separate contact lists into one?

If you use two different Android devices, one for work and one for play, it’s possible that some of your contacts will appear twice. It’s possible that you’ll need to move your contacts from one Android phone to another in this situation.

We’ll start with the simplest and most effective option because that’s what this article is about.

Part 1. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with One Click

Using a third-party app like MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is one of the best ways to move contacts from one Android device to another. One of the best ways to transfer information from one phone to another, it also allows you to transfer only the information you need. In other words, you can pick and choose which contacts to move, which is useful if you only need some of your contacts and not all of them.

One-Click Contacts Transfer between Android Devices

  • Your media library, app data, and all of your contacts can be moved with ease.
  • iTunes and iCloud are unnecessary. Very user-friendly and quick data transfer rate.
  • Latest versions of iOS and Android are supported.
  • How to avoid losing data when upgrading Android phones.

Here’s how to use MobileTrans to move your contacts from one Android device to another:

    Get MobileTrans for your computer by clicking here. After the program has been installed successfully, it can be launched and the ‘Phone Transfer’ option can be chosen from the main window.
    Once you have both Android devices recognized by MobileTrans, you can begin transferring data between them. Connect both devices to your computer via USB and launch MobileTrans.

It’s also crucial to check that your device order is correct. Select the ‘Source’ device as the one whose contacts you wish to transfer, and the ‘Destination’ device as the one to which you wish to send those contacts. Choose ‘Flip’ to switch the order around if it’s wrong.

    As soon as MobileTrans recognizes both devices, it will display a list of all the source device’s data on both of them. To copy your contacts from one device to another, open the “Contacts” menu and then tap “Start.”

Before you begin the transfer, make sure ‘Clear data before copy’ is selected if you want to completely replace the contacts on the destination device.

Watch the video below to get a crash course in the six techniques:

secure and safe

Part 2. How to transfer contacts from Android to Android with a SIM card

If your device uses a removable SIM card, you can simply copy all of your contacts to the SIM card, insert it into the new device, and move the stored contacts over. Follow this easy, step-by-step guide and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Launch the “Contacts” app on the Android device you want to sync with, then select “Menu” (the three dots in a row).
  2. From the menu that appears, choose “Manage Contacts,” then “Import/Export Contacts.”
  3. Select ‘Export Contacts’ and then a SIM card.
  4. Once the device’s contacts have been copied to the SIM card, you can take it out of the device and insert it into the target device.
  5. To import your SIM card contacts into your device’s address book, launch the Contacts app and navigate to Menu > Manage Contacts > Import/Export Contacts.
  6. Don’t disconnect the gadgets from the computer until you’re sure all the contacts have been copied.
  7. The transferred contacts will appear on the target device in a short amount of time.

Part 3. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android via a VCF file

If you have too many contacts on your Android device to transfer them one by one, or if your SIM card is not removable, you can easily move them to a new device by exporting them to a VCF file. This method is especially helpful because it entails sending only one email with all of your contacts attached. To easily share contact information between two Android devices via a VCF file, just follow these instructions.

  1. Tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the ‘Contacts’ app on your Android device. Choose “Contacts Management” to proceed. Some Android devices may have different button placements.
  2. You can now export your contacts to a VCF file by selecting ‘Import/Export contacts’ and then tapping the ‘Export’ button. ‘Contacts.vcf’ is the default filename for this type of file when it is saved to the device’s internal storage.
  3. Once the transfer is complete, open the ‘Contacts.vcf’ file on your device and forward it to your Gmail account with the subject “Contacts.”
  4. Launch Gmail on the target machine, and save the VCF file as an attachment.
  5. Launch the Contacts app and select “Menu” > “Manage Contacts.”
  6. Click “Import/Export Contacts” then “Next.” Select “Import VCF file” and then browse to where you stored the VCF file you downloaded earlier. Choose the ‘OK’ button to start copying your contacts over to the new gadget.

Part 4. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with Google Account and Sync

Syncing contacts from a Google backup may also allow you to move contacts from one Android device to another. Here are some easy steps that will walk you through the process:

  1. The first step, if you haven’t already done so, is to link the source device to a Google account. To add a Google account, select that option from the menu at Settings > Accounts > Add account. To link your Google account, you’ll need to sign in.
  2. Now, please sync my Google account’s contacts. To do so, enable ‘Sync Contacts’ in Settings > Accounts > Google.
  3. After adding the same Google account to the target device, select “Contacts” from the Google Backups list in Settings > Account > Google. All you have to do is hit the ‘Sync Now’ button and your contacts will automatically be copied over.

Part 5. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android with SHAREit

An alternative to Google Sync for syncing data between Android devices is an app like SHAREit. This app, when installed on both devices, makes it simple to exchange contact information between them. Use it like this:

  1. First, download the SHAREit app from the Google Play Store and install it on both devices.
  2. To choose which apps from the source device should be copied to the target, launch the contacts app there.
  3. Tap the ‘Share’ icon, and then select ‘SHAREit’ as the sharing method once the contacts have been selected.
  4. Launch SHAREit on the recipient’s gadget and make sure they’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The SHAREit app on the sending device will detect the receiving one. To begin the transfer, tap the name of the receiving device when it appears.

Part 6. How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android via Bluetooth

It’s also possible to use Bluetooth to move contacts between devices running Android. Using Bluetooth to link the two gadgets is a quick and painless fix. Follow these steps to wirelessly sync your contact list between your devices:

  1. To share your contacts from the Source device, launch the contacts app and select the Menu (three dots) > Share icon. Depending on your device, the specific steps may vary.
  2. Select the contacts you wish to move by tapping “Import/Export,” then “Share name card via,” and finally choosing the appropriate method. Choose ‘Select All’ to move everything at once.
  3. The door to collaboration will now be open. If you haven’t already done so, when you choose Bluetooth you will be prompted to turn it on. Check that Bluetooth is turned on in both gadgets.
  4. Let Bluetooth look for nearby devices, and then pick the one you want to connect to. After a successful pairing, the data transfer process can begin.


The aforementioned methods are the most reliable for moving contact information between Android devices. Follow the steps outlined above to apply a valid solution you’ve chosen that is also simple to implement. Please don’t be hesitant to contact us with any inquiries; we’ll be happy to assist you.

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