How to View Someone’s Instagram Story Without Tapping on It: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instagram Stories can be an invaluable way of communicating with friends and family. However, due to Instagram’s algorithm, it can be difficult to see someone’s story without having to tap on it. This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to view someone’s Instagram story without tapping on it, allowing you to take in stories with ease.

1. Introduction to Video Viewing on Instagram

Instagram has become an integral part of our everyday lives, allowing us to share our experiences with one another through photos, videos and the occasional text post. Recently, Instagram enabled users to view longer posts within their newsfeeds and Stories. With this new feature, users can now experience a more immersive experience with content, whether it be by watching full videos and commercials, or experiencing interactive experiences.

Video posts on Instagram are one of the most powerful marketing tools in social media and a great way to engage with your audience. Video posts can be used to create a bond between your business and its customers by providing them with engaging content and showcasing your products or services. There are various ways to leverage this feature and ultimately increase the reach of your brand.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of video content on Instagram and how to get the most out of the feature. We will cover topics such as:

  • How to create effective video content
  • Best practices for posting videos
  • Analyzing the performance of videos
  • Engaging viewers with interactive experiences

2. How to View an Instagram Story without Tapping

Regardless of the age-old proverb of “curiosity killed the cat”, sometimes it pays off to be nosy. Many people often want to share information with the audience but still retain some level of anonymity and privacy. Instagram, being a popular platform, is no different. There are times when Instagrammers would like to view an Instagram Story but they don’t necessarily want to “tap” into it. This article explains the how.

1. Use the Airplane Mode Trick

  • Activate the device’s Airplane Mode
  • Log into the Instagram account
  • Navigate to the Instagram Story
  • Turn Airplane Mode back off

This trick allows users to view Instagram Stories without appearing as a viewer. The downside of this trick is that comments, likes, and story replies are not available when this mode is activated. If you need to leave a comment or reply to the story, it is not the best method, as it will require the user to turn off Airplane Mode, leave the comment or reply, and then turn Airplane mode back on.

2. Use Instagram’s App Settings

  • Open the Instagram app settings
  • Go to the Preferences tab
  • Go to the “Story” section
  • Locate “Hide Seen” and toggle it to “On”

This option allows users to view the story and comment on it without the story creator knowing that the user has seen it. The feature does not work for videos but only for pictures and recent updates.

3. Watch the Story through a Web Browser

  • Navigate to Instagram from a web browser, such as Firefox
  • Log into the Instagram account
  • Navigate to the Instagram Story

By watching it through a web browser, the Instagram story will be visible but the viewer will not be recorded in the Story’s list of viewers. The downside is that it is also not possible to like, comment, reply, or share stories when viewing them through a browser.

3. Requirements for Viewing Stories without Tapping

There are a few basic considerations to bear in mind in order to view stories without the need to continuously tap. It is important to create a seamless experience for users, without making them take action every few seconds.

  • Content: The narrative must be easy to discern and not too long. Users should be able to understand the gist of the story without having to scroll a lot.
  • Images: High-quality images should be used. Moreover, all images within the story should have the same aspect ratio, as it creates a more professional, clean look.
  • Layout: The story should be arranged in a logical and easy-to-perceive manner that allows for easy scrolling. This is helpful for users who are skimming or scanning the page.

It is important to keep track of user interactions, such as when they reach the end of the story or when they close it. Doing so makes it easier to improve the experience. Additionally, stories should be properly tested to make sure they are working and optimize their performance.

4. Step-by-Step Guide for Viewing Instagram Stories without Tapping

If you wish to view Instagram stories without tapping, then rest assured that doing so is possible. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to in any web browser.
  • Log in with the same credentials used in the Instagram app.
  • To view stories, select the Activity tab.
  • News Feed updates are divided into groups under Stories and © IGers.
  • You can view Stories in the Stories Group without tapping – simply click the right or left arrows to cycle through them.
  • You can also find the Stories of people you follow in the © IGers Group.

Keep in mind that this method doesn’t let viewers reply to stories. Nevertheless, there are multiple benefits of viewing stories on the web that you may not get from the app. For one, if you are using a laptop, you don’t have to struggle with a small display. Plus, you can view stories without actually following anyone.

The web-based Stories viewer makes Instagram much more convenient to use. As mentioned, users can quickly swipe through multiple Stories without wasting energy or time. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of this feature to view Stories without a tap.

5. Advantages of Viewing Stories without Tapping

When stories are viewed without tapping, viewers save time and conserve energy by not having to continually tap the phone to go to the next frame to view the story. We look at some other .

  • As stories have time limits, they can be viewed in a single flow which allows viewers to have a better understanding of the narrative. It enhances their viewing experiences as they have more control over their time.
  • Viewers are able to focus better as they are able to view the story frames in one go and because there is no distraction of having to continuously tap.
  • Viewers can also rewind and pause at certain frames, thus allowing them to read the stories at their own pace and savor every frame.

By viewing stories without tapping, viewers do no have to worry about the time constraints and limits imposed. It allows them to just relax, scroll and view the stories at a leisurely pace.

It’s clear that it is quite easy to view someone’s Instagram story without needing to tap on it. Using the steps described in this article, you can easily view Instagram Stories anonymously. As long as you have a compatible device, you will be able to enjoy greater privacy when browsing and viewing your favorite Instagram stories.