How To Write Clever Instagram Bio

Are you prepared to find out what makes a great Instagram bio? Here are eight ways to make an impression:

  1. Tell Your Tale
  2. Be Sure to Use Desired Keywords When Naming Your Project
  3. Put a Link in Your Bio
  4. Include a prompt for action and some buttons.
  5. Please provide your contact details.
  6. Pick an Appropriate Photo for Your Account
  7. Add Your Branded Hashtag and Tag Relevant Accounts
  8. Utilize Instagram’s Highlights for Stories

Just do it, as Charles Wright sang so eloquently.

Consider your Instagram bio to be a short advertisement for your profile.

Use this area to address your intended readers and provide context for your story, whether that takes the form of a bulleted list or a few carefully chosen lines.

That way, people who are just learning about you or your brand won’t be confused.

Here are Sarah Chetrit’s three-line pitch and the value proposition of her page:

This polished bio is effective at converting site visitors into followers because it establishes her credibility and highlights her value.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to inject some character into the conversation. Use of emojis and appropriate puns is strongly encouraged.

Second Instagram Bio Tip: Include Keywords in the Name

Did you know that your Instagram username is not displayed anywhere in the name field?

It’s a great (yet underutilized) way to increase your app’s discoverability and reach more users during their searches.

So, think about what your ideal customer might type into Instagram’s search bar. This could refer to the specificity of your market, the nature of the goods you offer, or the location of your company.

When you’ve located the appropriate keywords, enter them.

See how content creator Lauren Toyota, for instance, employs the name field to provide context:

Instead of just using “chef,” Lauren uses the more specific and descriptive “vegan chef” to increase her account’s visibility.

The odds of Lauren’s account showing up in the results of an Instagram Explore Page search for “vegan chef” have increased.

You should use the name field in your Instagram bio to your advantage by thinking about what people might be searching for to find you.

Want to improve your search engine results page position? In this video, we’ll show you three simple ways to become more visible online:

You can only include one external link in your Instagram bio, so choose it wisely.

Create a landing page with unlimited button links and a clickable version of your Instagram feed using Later’s link in bio tool.

This saves you the trouble of constantly updating the link in your Instagram bio to point followers to the pages you’ve mentioned in your posts.

Idea #4: Include a Call to Action and CTA Buttons in Your Instagram Bio

All you have to do to get more people to interact with your bio is ask for it.

Make sure your profile visitors know if you have any new promotions, resources, or requests, such as following you.

In order to be considered for a spotlight, Apostrophe encourages its users to tag their account with a specific call to action.

Whatever call to action (or calls to action) you decide to use, be sure to explain it in detail.

More people will visit your site and interact with what you have to say if it is easy to understand.

One more strategy for getting people to click on your profile. Utilize the available Action Menu options.

You may be able to: Have food delivered, Get a quote, make a reservation, or browse the inventory:

This will make you and your services more accessible to potential clients.

You need to make it simple for people to get in touch with you if you want your profile to serve as a go-to resource for new visitors.

Creating an Instagram Business account is a great step in the right direction.

Without using up valuable space, you can include your email address, phone number, and WhatsApp:

So that people know what you’re about, you can also specify a business or brand category to appear below your name.

Once that’s done, a guest can quickly and easily contact you via email, phone, or get directions to your location.

Instagram Profile Pic Tip No. 6: Pick Something Appropriate

Your profile picture is the most recognizable part of your online identity.

You need to make sure that anyone who stumbles upon your Instagram profile learns as much as possible about your brand or product immediately.

Think of your company’s logo or a clear photo of your most recognizable product.

On the other hand, you may want to use a headshot if you are an influencer, creator, or provide a personal service (such as a photographer or life coach).

Why? The “you” in your brand is the most important thing, so it makes sense to introduce yourself right away.

Lauren Spencer, Liana Satenstein, and Faith Broussard Cade all use recognizable headshots to convey their respective brands.

The use of a logo or profile picture may seem like an obvious way to increase brand recognition on Instagram, and it is.

Clarity is crucial, just like in a diamond. Select a high-resolution image for best results.

Important ‘hack’ warning: Instagram usernames and hashtags are clickable links.

What’s the big deal, anyway?

As a result, you can boost awareness for related products, draw attention to your company’s founder’s Instagram page, or increase clicks on a branded hashtag.

Check out how Wan Wan Thai Restaurant promotes their other two locations and their sister restaurant, @lotusandcleaver, in their Instagram bio:

Branded hashtags are highlighted in the bios of Deepica Mutyala and.

A branded hashtag can help you highlight and collect user-generated content (UGC), but including hashtags in your Instagram bio won’t make your profile searchable through hashtags.

Use Instagram Stories’ Top Moments (Idea #8 for Your Bio)

When someone taps on a highlight from your Instagram story, it will play independently under your bio.

They’re great for promoting your brand, highlighting your community, and displaying your unique style.

Glow Recipe, a skincare company, uses highlights to demonstrate the efficacy of its recycling program, promote new products, and disseminate blog content such as the ‘Boss Babes’ series.

It’s important to think strategically about how you’ll configure these, as they provide valuable extra information to profile visitors.

Create a set of covers to give your Instagram Stories Highlights a unified feel and elevate their quality.

Cover art and icons designed by Suzanne Spiegoski and Herbivore Botanicals convey the company’s spirit.

Highlights from your Instagram Stories should be presented consistently across all of your social media accounts.

It’s worth noting that 7M+ businesses, brands, and influencers have put their faith in Later’s Instagram Scheduler. Join now for no cost and begin scheduling your Instagram posts in advance:

And with that, we have reached the end of our list of eight ways to improve your Instagram bio in order to get more followers, clicks, and ultimately, sales.

The time is now to update your Instagram bio and attract new followers if you haven’t done so already.

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