Instagram by the Numbers: How Many Users Worldwide?

The rise of social media in recent decades has been nothing short of remarkable. For example, Instagram, the digital photo and video-sharing platform, now boasts 500 million active users worldwide. This article will offer an in-depth look at Instagram by the numbers, from user demographics to revenue generated by the platform.

I. Introduction to Instagram

Instagram is one of the leading photo-sharing and social networking sites, and it is extremely popular with millions of users around the world. It brings people together to share photos and videos with friends, family and others. Instagram also provides endless opportunities for creativity, connecting, and exploring with its fantastic range of features and tools.

The main focus of Instagram is sharing and exploring photos and videos. Users can edit and share photos and videos, comment on and like posted content, view other user’s profiles and posts, follow their friends or brands and join in on popular hashtags.

The platform enables users to enhance their photos using filters and other editing tools, share their content with their followers, or with the entire Instagram community. They can also explore the app by searching for content and discover exciting new content through the ‘Explore’ tab. Instagram also has an exciting range of video-creation tools, like Boomerang and Hyperlapse, to keep users engaged.

II. Growth of Instagram Over Time

Instagram has grown exponentially in recent years, as the platform has become one of the most popular social media networks. The following sections will outline the growth of Instagram over time and the factors that have contributed to its success.

Number of Users

  • In December 2012, the platform had 27 million registered users.
  • In September 2017, the platform had 800 million registered users.
  • In 2018, the platform surpassed one billion monthly active users.

Factors Contributing to Growth

  • Incorporation of Ads: With the introduction of ads in 2015, Instagram began providing an additional revenue source.
  • Integration of Stories: In August 2016, Instagram integrated stories into the platform.
  • User Interface Updates: In May 2016, Instagram rolled out a simplified design interface.

Future Predictions

  • In the next five years, Instagram is projected to continue its growth, with an estimated 2 billion active users by 2023.
  • It is expected that the platform will continue to incorporate additional features such as shopping and ecommerce capabilities.
  • It is estimated that Instagram will become the most popular social media platform in the next five years.

III. Instagram User Statistics

There are an estimated 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram according to Statista. Out of which, 66% are female and 34% are male. The majority of Instagram users are aged between 16 and 24, followed by the 25 to 34 age bracket.

Data by reveals that the United States has the most Instagram users, followed by Brazil and India. Other countries with one of the highest shares of Instagram users include Japan, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

As per Hootsuite’s survey of 2019, 67% of Instagram’s global users are mostly likely to use their smartphones to engage with Instagram in 2019. Moreover, 65% of Instagram users use the platform at least once a day, and 75% of people take action based on the posts they view on Instagram, such as visiting the website linked, searching for more information, or telling a friend.

IV. Breaking Down Global Instagram User Numbers

With the advent of the smartphone, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms. This can be attributed to its relative ease of use and user-friendly features. However, many do not know the true extent of Instagram’s user base. It can be difficult to appreciate how many users are actually on Instagram due to the platform’s stratified user base. Here, we will break down the numbers of Instagram users globally.

In terms of global user numbers, Instagram is by far the largest social media platform in the world. According to, Instagram has totalled over 1 billion monthly active users. Of these users, the majority, over 800 million, hail from Asia, followed by the Americas with around 200 million users. Instagram is especially popular in India, Japan, and Indonesia, which account for 350 million, 80 million and 70 million monthly active users respectively.

The remainder of Instagram’s user base is spread among other major regions. Europe has 180 million users, while the Middle East and Africa have 80 million users. The Middle East is particularly known for its high engagement with Instagram, due to many users flocking to the platform to share their stories. Lastly, Oceania makes up the rest of Instagram’s user base with mere 10 million.

  • Asia: 800 million
  • Americas: 200 million
  • Europe: 180 million
  • Middle East and Africa: 80 million
  • Oceania: 10 million

V. Conclusion: The Power of Instagram’s Reach

The continued growth of Instagram in a short span of time clearly shows that it remains a powerful platform for marketers and advertisers to tap into. Instagram’s popularity lies in its flexibility – it has the potential to reach more people in a more targeted and effective way than any other social media site. With the ability to keep up with the constant changes in the industry, Instagram can remain ahead of the competition and continue to drive more business opportunities.

  • Instagram’s reach and potential for marketers can no longer be ignored.
  • Instagram remains a powerful platform for advertising and marketing, as it offers users to target specific groups and interact in new ways.
  • Keeping up with changing trends, Instagram can remain ahead of competitors and gain more business opportunities.

It is not just the sheer number of Instagram followers that contribute to its reach – it is the type of content, creative possibilities and engagement activities as well. Marketers now have the ability to customize their ads to reach their desired audience, as well as the opportunity to encourage users to interact with their brand. Marketers must use Instagram to its fullest potential in order to gain the most benefit from its reach.

Based on the figures outlined in this article, it is clear that Instagram has experienced a rapid growth in recent years, with user numbers increasing exponentially. With this continuing trend, it will be interesting to see where Instagram goes in 2020, both in terms of user base and other metrics. In the meantime, businesses and brands should be sure to take advantage of the marketing potential this platform holds.