Is It Better To Post A Reel Or Video On Instagram

As Instagram becomes an increasingly popular platform for showcasing content, the question of “what’s the best type of post?” arises more and more often. Is it best to post a video or a Reel? To gain a better understanding of the two, this article will compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of post.

1. What is a Reel and Video on Instagram?

Reels and videos on Instagram are two distinct types of posts used by Instagram users to share content and engage with their audience. Reels are short video clips that combine video clips, photos, music, affects, and other creative tools into shareable, 15-second videos. Videos are IGTV-style longer format videos that last up to 60 minutes.

  • Reels:
    • Up to 15-seconds in length
    • Combine video clips, photos, music, affects
    • Creative tools like stickers and GIFs can be added
  • Videos:
    • Up to 60 minutes in length
    • Can be viewed by everyone on Instagram
    • Utilize the same design tools as other Instagram posts

Reels and videos on Instagram can help users engage their followers, grow their fan base and even generate revenue. Reels, in particular, drive creators to be creative, inventive and push their content-making skills to the next level by turning their ideas into fun, shareable videos.

When used correctly, Instagram Reels and videos can give your account an extra boost, helping you to grow your followers and engagement more quickly. Try incorporating both Reels and videos into your content calendar to give your followers variety and help you boost your page’s visibility.

2. Advantages of Posting a Reel on Instagram

Posting a Reel on Instagram offers several advantages that should not be overlooked. Here are of the main ones:

  • Attract New Audiences: Instagram Reels are capable of reaching a larger audience. They are showcased at the very top of Explore page, often alongside the hashtag page they are uploaded under. As such, they can potentially reach a wide range of new audiences that weren’t previously exposed to your content.
  • Engage With Your Existing Audience: Users already familiar with your content can enjoy an all-new way to engage with your brand. Reels allow you to flex your creative muscles and share more interesting pieces of content in a visually stimulating way. This, in turn, can foster greater engagement with your existing audience.
  • Massive Potential to Go Viral: Reels present a great opportunity for your content to reach a wider audience outside of your existing followers. Reels can be posted to the feed, the Explore page, and in some cases, featured in IGTV. Such exposure can ensure a higher chance of going viral due to the huge audience that Instagram boasts.

3. Advantages of Posting a Video on Instagram

Higher Visibility

Posting a video on Instagram will enable your content to reach a much wider audience. Instagram allows you to easily connect with people who are interested in similar topics, giving you the opportunity to expand your reach. Moreover, videos on Instagram get more attention than other types of posts, so by posting a video, you are ensuring that your content will be seen by more people.

Better Engagement

Videos on Instagram are naturally more engaging than other types of posts since they are more visually stimulating. This means that people are more likely to interact with your content, thus raising your engagement rate. Furthermore, videos are more likely to capture people’s attention, making it more likely that they will share your content with their friends and followers.

Analytical Insights

Instagram provides users with an array of analytical insights in order to monitor the performance of a post. Through this, you can determine which types of posts are gaining more traction and use this data to create more engaging and impactful content. Furthermore, you can keep track of how many people are viewing your post, and use this as a measure to evaluate the effectiveness of any strategies.

  • Higher Visibility
  • Better Engagement
  • Analytical Insights

4. Deciding Between Reel and Video

When it comes to wedding videos, many couples find themselves stuck between two options: reel or video. Though each format has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, understanding the difference between the two is vital for couples to make an informed decision for their special day.

Reels, like Super 8 or Double 8, are analog formats that capture events in real time and are then developed into a physical film that can be projected on a screen or scanned and converted into digital formats. This format provides a grainy effect that many viewers find nostalgic or charming, but sacrificing resolution and clarity.

In contrast, a video is a digital format that usually captures events with a high resolution and clarity. Additionally, video technology offers a range of options, such as drones or moving cameras, that make it possible to capture memorable shots that cannot be obtained with a film camera. Though videos tend to be more expensive than reels, they often produce higher quality and more visually stunning footage.

  • Reel – analog, captures in real time, can be projected on a screen
  • Video – digital, high-resolutions, provides an array of options

5. Tips on How to Create an Engaging Reel or Video

Creating a compelling reel or video can help attract new clients and partners. It allows you to showcase your skills and capabilities and drive your success.

Set Your Goals: Before creating your reel or video, it is important to set concrete goals. Understand who the reel or video is intended for, what you hope the audience will learn, and what effect you want the reel or video to have. Consider the type of production, narrative and style that you need to use to reach your goals.

Develop a Scrip: Create a script with your goals in mind. Structure the tone of the video within the context of your intended audience. Outline any key visuals that should be included and develop a storyboard so you can build the video.

Tips for Execution: To create an engaging reel or video consider the following:

  • Ensure that the video is short, preferably between 1-2 minutes
  • Use upbeat background music and interesting sound bites to keep viewers engaged
  • Make sure the visuals are crisp and of high quality
  • Use visual effects like animations, transitions, and zooming to add dimension to the video
  • Include stories or interviews to create a connection with the viewer

Overall, Reels and Videos both have their advantages and drawbacks as it relates to using Instagram to market your brand or style. It’s ultimately up to you to carefully consider the best strategy for your business or social media profile. Sticking to one style of post or mixing both options is perfectly acceptable and it will come down to what works best for you and your followers.