Is It Weird To Follow Someone You Barely Just Met On Instagram

With the digital age in full swing, it is no surprise that many people are turning to social media platforms like Instagram to talk with friends, meet new people, or even just admire their favorite celebrities. But the question arises: is it actually weird if you follow someone you barely just met on Instagram? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of following a recently-met acquaintance on Instagram, and help you decide if this is a good move for you.

1. Introduction to Following Someone on Instagram

How to Follow Someone

Following someone on Instagram is as simple as clicking a button. Visit the profile of the person you’d like to follow, then click on the “follow” button located under the profile image or near the profile information. After that, you’ll start to receive updates from the user about their posts, stories, and other activity.

It’s also possible to follow somebody by searching for them in the search box, when you find the profile you can hit the “follow” button in the same location as before.

When you follow someone on Instagram, it’s possible to get notified when they post new content. Use the settings at the top right of the profile page (three dots) to customize when and how you get notified. It’s also possible to mute a user, in this case you won’t receive any notifications when they post new content. The following options are available:

  • Get Notifications
  • Never Notify Me
  • Mute Post Notifications in Feed
  • Mute Story Notifications in Feed

In addition, you can opt to follow people or businesses on Instagram using their email address or phone number. Use the search box or the “Follow People” button to find other users, then simply enter their contact information to follow them. Once you’ve followed someone, you can also unfollow them at any time by clicking the “unfollow” button, which can be found on their profile page or in the follower list.

2. Reasons for Following Someone on Instagram

  • To Share Ideas and Inspire Others

Connecting with people whose ideas and styles motivate us can be a powerful catalyst for fostering creative thinking and sharing. Following new accounts on Instagram can be a way to surround ourselves with a diverse range of views and ideas that can help deepen our understanding of what is going on in the world, internally and externally.

  • To Connect With Profiles of Interest

We may follow certain people on Instagram because of their inspiring posts, be it about fashion, food, travel, or any other topic. It allows us to get a better understanding of their style and way of life, getting an up-close and personal perspective on different topics. Our connection to these profiles may also give us a better understanding of the culture of the people they depict and promote.

  • To Support a Cause or Movement

We may follow people and organizations on Instagram because of the support they offer in terms of raising awareness for a particular cause or movement. This can be a great way to stay informed and connected with a cause or movement that resonates with us, enabling us to show our support and get up to date on the various efforts being made.

3. Considerations of Following Someone You Just Met

Meeting someone in person for the first time often requires careful consideration and planning. When considering whether to follow someone you’ve just met on a social media platform your decisions should be weighed carefully and with appropriate caution.

To make a smart decision about whether or not to follow someone you just met on social media, the following steps should be taken:

  • Research the individual: Spend a few moments researching the person’s online presence and bio. This could include reviews, stories, and recommendations from other people, as well as any professional experience.
  • Establish a level of trust: Think about what kind of relationship you have formed with the person, and how likely they are to be willing to reciprocate the follow.
  • Evaluate their posts: Take a look at the type of content they post. If it is extreme or inappropriate, it’s likely best to not follow them.

Ultimately, it is up to your personal discretion to decide whether or not to follow someone you just met on social media platforms. Think through your decision carefully and be sure to follow best practices for online safety.

4. Benefits of Following Someone You Just Met

Getting To Know People Better

Following someone you just met may provide you with an accessible and cost-effective way to get to know someone better. You can quickly learn about their hobbies, passions, joys and experiences. In some cases, this can help you determine if someone is a suitable friend for you. It provides you with more information about them than a brief meeting or Skype call.

Refreshing Your Networks

Following someone you just met can help prevent the formation of a stagnant, unidimensional social network. With an expansive base of contacts, you are able to interact, learn, and experience new perspectives, ideas, and insights. It also gives you access to more opportunities, be it professional or personal in nature.

Common Goals and Interests

Apart from learning more about someone, following someone you just met can help you determine if you have common goals or interests. You can find new business or professional contacts who are interested in similar topics as you, or simply meet someone who shares the same hobby or passion. All of these can help you find individuals you would like to continue meeting and get to know better.

5. Concluding Thoughts on Following Someone You Just Met on Instagram

Be Mindful of Timing

Following someone on Instagram soon after meeting them can come across as desperate or overeager. Consider waiting a few days or even weeks before deciding to make the move. This shows that the person made an impression and is someone you’d like to stay in touch with, but also gives them some space.

Connection Is Key

It’s also important to make sure that following someone has a purpose. Have you found a connection with this person or something about them that you’re interested in? Start with that as your guide. If you randomly follow someone, they may be confused and question the intention.

New Opportunities Await

Following someone you just met on Instagram is a great way to stay connected with new people and continue strengthening relationships. It can also open up new opportunities to work together and collaborate, network, or just become friends. Take advantage of this platform to expand your friendship circles and make meaningful connections. When it comes to making the decision of whether or not to follow someone you just met on Instagram, consider the context and your feelings. If it feels right, then it could be a great way to reinforce the connection. On the other hand, if it doesn’t feel right, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose not to follow them at all. By understanding the culture of social media and how to navigate it in today’s modern world, you can make the decision that is best for you.