Removing Ghost Followers on Instagram: A Bulk Guide

In this day and age, having a strong presence on social media is no longer just the realm of celebrities and high-profile personalities. The ability to connect with people across the globe, build a personal brand and cultivate a community of supporters has enabled individuals to be successful in establishing their digital footprint. However, as with any popularity comes the potential for manipulation. Increasingly, people are turning to quick-fix strategies such as purchasing ghost followers to boost their Instagram numbers. The problem with this is that it’s not a long-term solution, and can even cause damage to one’s digital brand. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to removing ghost followers from an Instagram account in bulk.

1. Introduction to Removing Ghost Followers on Instagram

Do you have ghost followers on Instagram? Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence among many Instagram users, as these users gain followers without the owner’s knowledge or permission. Ghost followers are commonly identified by lack of interaction or engagement and account inactivity, although it is important to note that ghost followers may not always be easy to spot. This article will explain what ghost followers are and how to go about removing them.

What Are Ghost Followers? A ghost follower is an account on Instagram that doesn’t engage with your posts. They are simply followers that show up on your followers list without following back. When it comes to Instagram, ghost followers are basically accounts that have liked or followed your profile somewhere in the past but have since abandoned the account. While they possess no active engagement, they are still counted as followers.

How to Remove Ghost Followers:

  • Firstly, identify the ghost followers by running a follower audit. This will show you who your inactive followers are.
  • Next, go to the followers list of your account and select the ghost followers you have identified in the audit.
  • Once you have identified the ghost followers you wish to remove, click on the ‘Unfollow’ button to remove them from your list.
  • Finally, you can use a tool such as Unfollowgram to block any ghost followers that reappear in the future.

It is important to note that the process of removing ghost followers can take some time, but it is necessary in order to reduce the risk of having inactive followers on your account. Blocking these users will also help you to protect your posts from being used by ghost followers for malicious activity.

2. Identifying Ghost Followers

In this digital age, many of us are using social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We want to build an audience and gain recognition. While it is easy to increase the number of followers on these platforms, it is important to determine if they are real followers or ghost followers. Ghost followers are those who are not genuine, and they can diminish the reach of your post or tweet. There are several methods to identify ghost followers:

  • Analyzing their profile: You can have a look at the followers’ profiles. If there is no profile picture, and only an empty profile with a few qualities, there is a high chance that you have a ghost follower.
  • Checking the recent posts: Another way to identify ghost followers is to analyse their recent posts. If the posts contain links to other sites, or followers have not posted anything recently, then you might have a ghost follower.
  • Analytics: You can check the analytics of your social media account and look for data that is inconsistent or unreal. If you notice suspicious activity or very little activity, then you might be dealing with a ghost follower.

is essential to build a strong audience of real followers. You can use various tools available online such as FollowerAudit and TrueTwit to identify the ghost followers and block them. You should also consider avoiding activities that lead to an increase in ghost followers like buying followers, using automated tools, and commenting on irrelevant posts. These actions weaken the quality of your profile and hinder the overall reach.

3. Strategies for Bulk Removal of Ghost Followers

Block and Unfollow

One of the simplest strategies to reduce the number of ghost followers on your account is to block them and then unfollow them. Blocking will stop the ghost follower from seeing your content and prevent them from commenting or interacting with your account. Unfollowing them as soon as they are blocked will make sure that they are completely removed from your list. This process should be repeated for as many ghost followers as you need to remove.

Use Bots or Software

Using automated bots and software is another effective option to remove bulk ghost followers. Most software comes with a variety of options and settings to enable the quick and efficient removal of ghost followers. The only downside is that they usually require a subscription fee to use over time.

Social Media Management Tools

There are a plethora of third-party social media management tools on the market that can help you remove bulk ghost followers. These tools are incredibly efficient and organized; typically offering features such as sorting lists by account engagement and allowing for quick comparison checks for suspicious accounts. Some of these tools also come with features that allow you to monitor your audience’s reactions to certain pieces of content.

4. Automated Solutions for Mass Removal of Ghost Followers

Newer automated bots exist that allow social media managers to efficiently remove large scale ghost follower accounts in less time. Such bots are particularly effective for those managing an influencer’s account, who need to ensure that their promoters are consistently viewed as having value. Here are 4 bots to consider:

  • FreshAudit – can execute an automated audit of your Twitter and Instagram accounts, with the help of its sophisticated analysis tool. It also provides detailed reporting of all the accounts that have been removed from your followers.
  • ManageFlitter – a powerful tool for managing Instagram followers that can help you identify and remove spam accounts from your followers list. It can also be used to automatically follow/unfollow new accounts based on certain criteria
  • SocialRank – an online platform for managing Instagram accounts; it provides detailed analysis of profiles by suggesting which ghost followers can be deleted.
  • Tweepi – an automated tool that helps users identify and remove inactive or fake followers. It can also be used to unfollow accounts, as well as identifying and cleaning up spam accounts.

Aside from these bots, there are other more manual methods of removing ghost followers. These include using features such as Twitter’s “block” and “mute” functions. These two options allow you to hide annoying followers without losing interactions. You can also set up a “blacklist” of words and phrases so that you can easily identify and remove accounts that are posting unwanted content.

5. Additional Tips for the Removal of Ghost Followers on Instagram

If you’re still having trouble getting rid of ghost followers on Instagram, here are five more tips.

1. Follow and unfollow tactic: By temporarily following a ghost follower and then quickly and simultaneously unfollowing them, you can remove them from your followers list without the need for a third-party app. This method can be repeated as many times as needed. However, take caution that overusing this method may result in an Instagram ban.

2. Restricting followers: You can limit who follows your profile, ensuring all future followers have to request permission to follow you. This means ghost followers won’t be able to follow your profile.

3. Controlling who sees your posts: Make sure you limit who can view your posts. You can do so by making your posts ‘Private’ or ‘Followers-Only.’ This will prevent ghost followers from seeing what you post and liking it.

4. Block followers: If you want to block a particular follower, go to their profile, click the three-dot icon and select ‘Block.’ This will also remove them from as a follower automatically.

5. Report spam followers: If spam followers aren’t responding to any of your other methods, select the ‘Report’ button on their profile, and it will be referred to Instagram for further investigation.

With these simple steps and considerations, you now have the basis you need to safeguard your Instagram account and protect yourself from ghost followers. Taking the time to audit your account and eliminate ghost followers will not only help you improve your relationship with other users, but it can also save you the time and energy of sifting through those meaningless interactions.