Resolving Instagram Login Issues: Logging Out of Remembered Accounts

Staying connected on social media is part of everyday life for many people. However, accessing accounts on platforms such as Instagram can create a problem for users who are not familiar with how to manage their login details and preference settings. This article will address the common issue of logging out of remembered accounts on Instagram, and provide some helpful tips on how to resolve the issue.

I. Introduction to Resolving Instagram Login Issues

Instagram has become an important part of our lives as a social media platform. Millions of users log in every day to share their photos and experiences with the world. However, for a variety of reasons, users may have difficulty logging in and accessing Instagram.

In this section, we will provide information to help Instagram users understand why they are facing login issues and how they can resolve them. By following the simple steps that we list, users will be able to access their accounts quickly and easily.

These are some of the most common Instagram login issues and their solutions:

  • Email/Phone Number Issues: If you are having difficulty logging in, you may have entered an incorrect email address or phone number while registering on Instagram. To resolve this issue, try again using the correct email address or phone number.
  • Username Issues: If you have forgotten your username, you can go to your profile page and tap “Edit Profile”. Your username should be listed at the top.
  • Password Issues: If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by tapping “Forgot password” in the Instagram log in page. Then follow the instructions until you get a new password.

II. How to Log Out of Remembered Accounts

Use Your Account’s Settings

Many accounts will allow you to log out remotely from the settings, which is the quickest and most secure method to get out of remembered accounts. Open the settings of the account and look for an option that mentions sign out, log out, or end session. Some accounts may have such an option for logging out of every computer or device you’ve used to sign in. Select it, and confirm your log out.

Use Your Mobile App

Some accounts also offer the possibility to log out from remembered devices from the mobile app. Open the app and go to settings. Look for the sign out, log out or end session option, and simply select it. Once you confirm the log out, you will be automatically logged out of all remembered devices.

Use Password Manager

If you use a password manager, such as LastPass, Dashlane or 1Password, you can log out of remembered accounts easily. Login to the manager and go to the section where you can see all the accounts which you’re logged into. Uncheck the ones you want to log out of and the action would be immediately completed.

  • Password Manager: LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password

III. Potential Causes of Instagram Login Issues

The most common causes of Instagram login issues can be classified into four broad categories:

  • Network – Problems with the network can prevent logging in even if the connection is stable.
  • Software – Malfunctions of software on the device or the Instagram servers can cause a problem.
  • Miscellaneous – If a user forgot their password, attempted to log in too many times or are using outdated authentication protocols, login issue can occur.
  • Account Locked – Instagram regularly locks accounts, without notice, due to suspicious activities.

Network-related issues are among the most common ones affecting Instagram logins. Poor network conditions can result in login attempts failing even if the connection remains stable. Potential causes of such issues include but are not limited to the use of a short-range WiFi signal, ISP congestion, signal interference, or sudden drops in bandwidth.

Software-related issues are another frequent phenomenon. Malfunctions with the device’s software, such as browsers, anti-virus suites or the Instagram app, can all lead to login issues. In addition, server malfunctions can also occur from time to time and can hinder login attempts.

IV. Strategies for Preventing Instagram Login Issues

Instagram is a powerful platform for creating and sharing content, but if login problems persist it can be difficult for users to access their accounts. Fortunately, there are simple strategies for preventing and resolving common Instagram login issues.

Check the App Version

  • The best way to prevent issues is to make sure you are running the latest version of the Instagram app. Check the app store for newest updates and install them as needed.
  • When updates become available, they may also be accompanied by new features and improved performance.

Verify Your Email or Phone Number

  • Prior to attempting to log in to Instagram, check that email address used for the username has been verified and also check that the phone number associated with the account is up to date.
  • These must be accurate in order for Instagram to recognize the account.


  • If logging in fails multiple times, then the user should contact Instagram. They will be asked to provide proof of identity and then the account can be troubleshooted further.
  • In the case of a forgotten password, the user must follow the reset instructions. This often includes using a temporary code sent via email or SMS, to reset the account password.

In order to ensure a smooth and secure login experience, users should take the time to ensure their accounts are up to date and follow any troubleshooting instructions provided by Instagram. Taking a few simple steps can help prevent and resolve any potential issues with logging into Instagram.

V. Summary of Resolving Instagram Login Issues

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, and it’s important to know how to troubleshoot login issues if they occur. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved relatively easily by following a few simple steps.

First of all, it’s useful to check if the official Instagram website is down or if the app is being maintained. Both of these processes can be done through the official Instagram website or the official Instagram app. If both the app and the website are down, then the cause of the login issues can only be determined once the Instagram website and app are up and running again.

Secondly, check if the username or password is correct. This can easily be done by opening the Instagram app and selecting the ‘forgot username’ or ‘forgot password’ option. It’s also important to check if the email address associated with the Instagram account is still valid and active, as this could be causing the login issues. It’s also important to check the settings of the account to ensure that the account isn’t being blocked or suspended.

Finally, try to log in from another device or from a browser to determine if it’s a device-specific issue. Also, check if the device is connected to the internet and that there are no other issues with the device itself. If all of these steps don’t lead to any resolution, it may be necessary to contact the Instagram help center.

We hope that this article has been successful in guiding you through the process of resolving Instagram login issues. By understanding the causes of the issue and following the proper steps to log out of remembered accounts, you can now avoid such inconveniences in the future.