Sharing a Clickable YouTube Link on Instagram Stories: Is it Possible?

In this digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for communicating and sharing content. One such popular platform is Instagram, which allows people to share both images and videos with others. A commonly asked question is whether it is possible to share a clickable YouTube link on Instagram stories. In this article, we delve into the answer, providing information on the steps to do so, the tips and tricks, and more.

1. Introduction to Sharing YouTube Links on Instagram Stories

With the recent availability of YouTube video sharing on Instagram stories, users now have the ability to reach a much bigger audience. Through YouTube and Instagram, content can reach millions of people who would not have seen it otherwise. With a few simple steps, you can share your YouTube videos to your Instagram story and open up multiple new outlets for content.

Steps for Sharing a YouTube Link on Instagram Stories:

  • Login to your YouTube channel or the channel of content you wish to share.
  • On the video you would like to share, copy the URL.
  • Open Instagram, and click the + sign to open your story.
  • Click the Link icon which appears in the top corner of the story screen.
  • In the Link screen, click “Paste Link” and paste the copied URL.
  • The YouTube video will now automatically appear in the Story and should be shared with your followers.

When sharing a YouTube link, be sure that the content you are sharing is relevant, meaningful and adheres to Instagram’s Community Guidelines. It is also important to keep in mind Instagram’s “15 seconds” rule – any video shared to Instagram should be 15 seconds or less. If the YouTube video is longer than 15 seconds, the remaining content after 15 seconds will not be visible.

2. How to Share YouTube Links on Instagram Stories

Sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories is a straightforward process that doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete

Paste the Link: Before proceeding, find the YouTube link you want to share and paste it into your browser. Remove the ‘www’ part from the URL and hit the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. Next, copy the shortened URL that appears in the address bar.

Share on Instagram Stories: Now, open the Instagram app and navigate to your Stories section. Tap on the ‘+’ button, then select the ‘link’ button that appears. Paste the URL you copied in the previous step and then tap the ‘done’ option. Once you are through, upload the story on your profile.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember to write an intriguing caption that serves as a hook for your followers.
  • Enable the Storyteller option so that your friends can share it with their followers.
  • Add appropriate hashtags to make your content searchable.

3. Pros and Cons of Sharing YouTube Links on Instagram Stories

Sharing YouTube links on Instagram stories has a few advantages and disadvantages.


  • A YouTube link can generate more views for the original video.
  • Content creators can promote their videos to those who already follow them on Instagram.
  • The video can be customized to the Instagram layout with captivating visuals.


  • YouTube links embedded in stories can result in a decrease in engagement.
  • The embedded videos lack audio, which can limit the impact of the content.
  • Content creators may have to pay to reach the maximum amount of viewers.

Sharing YouTube links on Instagram stories can be useful for content creators who want to gain more engagement, but the success and impact of the action will vary depending on the type of content being promoted and the audience.

4. Tips for Maximizing Engagement with YouTube Links on Instagram Stories

If you’ve been using YouTube videos to boost your Instagram Stories, there are a few steps you can take to maximize engagement with your content. This guide will provide helpful tips on how to improve the impact of your video content.

Maximizing Audience Reach
– When sharing content, be mindful of the audience you’re targeting, and consider the appropriateness of the video. Use hashtags so that users using similar hashtags can find and engage with it.
– Conduct research to ensure that you’re tagging videos with relevant and accurate hashtags so that you reach the biggest potential audience.

Incorporating Quality Content

– Quality content will engage followers, so it’s essential that you use eye-catching visuals and informative content.
– Consider including a text overlay to prompt viewers to take specific actions or to provide additional details. Include a clear call-to-action to encourage viewers to click the link, and be sure to make the most of the suggested videos at the end of the post.
– Create content that is structured, coherent and relevant to maintain user’s attention.

Analyzing Performance

– Track the performance of your stories regularly and adjust your content accordingly. Pay attention to elements such as the length of the video, engaging content and the number of views.
– Analyze the data about engagements. This will allow you to identify patterns and assess what type of content gains the most engagement. Make adjustments and tweaks to increase the effectiveness of each post.

5. Conclusion: Is Sharing YouTube Links on Instagram Stories Right for You?

Sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories is an effective way to reach your target audience. The ability to link directly to your YouTube page, playlists, and videos gives you numerous opportunities to drive views and engagement. Additionally, Instagram Stories are widely viewed and shared, so your content can be seen by a large number of people.

However, you should consider a few things before sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories. As we saw, the success of sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories requires careful planning, effort, and time. You should take the time to assess whether it’s the right option for you and your brand. Additionally, you may want to consider other social media platforms for sharing your YouTube links.

To sum up, sharing YouTube links on Instagram Stories can be a great choice for many businesses. It provides a unique platform to promote engagement and reach potential new customers. However, you should ensure that it’s the right type of promotion for your brand and take the time to assess its effectiveness.

In conclusion, it is possible for consumers to share an interactive YouTube link inside an Instagram story, allowing them to keep viewers engaged with their platform or product. There are many different ways to do so and all of them are worth considering when it comes to modern social media promotion.