What Can I Do If Instagram Says A Username Is Unavailable But It Isnt Being Used

Having trouble creating an Instagram account after finding your desired username unavailable? If so, you’re not alone. Numerous users have encountered this issue, and it can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve this issue and gain access to your ideal username. In this article, you’ll learn the steps to take if Instagram says the username is unavailable but it isn’t being used.

1. Check For Active Presence On Instagram

Being “on” Instagram 24/7 can help to build your brand by staying “in the public eye” and showing off your content. Whether you’re a business or a Micro-Influencer, being active on social media is necessary to attract new followers and increase engagement.

Checking your presence on Instagram can be done in two key ways:

  • Analytics & Metrics Tracking: Make sure to keep track of your account metrics such as how many impressions, reach and engagements you’re getting. Keep an eye on your content performance and analyse what type of content is performing better.
  • Adapting to Trends & News: Check the trending hashtags and topics to generate ideas for posts or stories. Keeping up to date with any relevant company, or industry news will help you create content that will attract more followers.

Checking your presence on Instagram is necessary to stay “in the game”, so make sure to stay active with engaging content and interact with your followers to ensure visibility and growth.

2. Verify That Username Has Not Been Already Taken

When creating a new user, it is important to verify that the username has not been taken by another user yet. This helps ensure users have a unique user profile and have control over their profile information. Here are some important steps you should take to verify that a username has not been taken:

  • Use a reliable search engine – Use a reliable search engine, such as Google or Bing, to search for the username. If the username shows up in any search results, this means it has already been taken by another user.
  • Check social media – Perform a search for the username on popular social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If a profile with that username exists, the username is likely taken.
  • Check official records – There may be official records with the chosen username, such as in government records or business registrations. Check these to ensure that the username is not already taken.

Verifying that a username has not been taken is an important step when creating new user profiles. Taking the time to do this helps ensure that users have unique profiles, and helps protect the security of their account.

3. Consider Different Username Variations

When deciding what username to use, consider adding variations to it. It may help you find a username that isn’t taken yet and it will also give you different options so that you can choose your favorite.

To create different variations, you can:

  • Change the word order such as “username1, username2…”
  • Use add hyphens or underscores between the words like “username-1, username_2…”
  • Replace one or more letters with numbers such as “u5ernam3, us3rname2…”
  • Make use of puns and phrases like “forwARdthinkin, bACkwords…”

You can also combine different usernames to create unique variations of your desired username. For example, if you like the username “ForestFan” you can also use something like “AugustFanForest” or “Forest_AugustFan” for more options.

4. Manually Submit Requests To Instagram

Using a Third-Party Platform

Submitting a request directly to Instagram is known as a manual submission. This process can be done by using a third-party platform, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social. These platforms make submitting manual requests to Instagram quick and simple, allowing you to focus on other tasks. In order to use these platforms, you will need to have an active account and be logged in.

Creating the Request

When creating the request, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Account name
  • Contact information
  • Outline of your request

It is important to ensure that all of the information provided is up-to-date, as this will help to speed up the review process. Additionally, the request should be tailored to Instagram and should include why it is important for them to review it.

Waiting for a Reply

Once the request has been submitted, you will need to wait for a reply from Instagram. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the complexity of the request. Additionally, if your request is approved, there may be some additional steps to be taken before it is addressed by the Instagram team.

5. Contact Instagram Support For Further Assistance

If you are still having difficulty after trying the steps mentioned above, you can contact Instagram Support directly for further assistance. They can provide you with extra help or an answer to any other questions you may have that are not addressed in this article.

Here are the different ways you can contact Instagram Support:

  • Submit a Request: Visit the ‘Help Center’ section of the Instagram website and submit a request. You should receive a response from a support representative within 24 hours.
  • Email: You can email Instagram Support directly at [email protected].
  • Social Media: You can get quick customer support by tweeting @InstagramHelp.

It’s important to remember that, in some cases, contact customer support is your only option. If the troubleshooting steps suggested didn’t work and you can’t progress your issue further by yourself, then contacting a customer service representative is your best bet.

It is important to remember that somebody may have legally purchased the username you like, so even though the username may not be currently in use, it may still be unavailable. Understanding the rules and regulations when it comes to usernames on social media platforms is crucial to avoid unnecessary problems. If you are having trouble with a username, contact the platform’s support team; they should be able to help you understand and resolve the issue.