What Does It Mean X Number Of Forwards On Instagram Stories

Have you ever been scrolling through a friend’s Instagram Stories, only to find out how many times a particular post has been forwarded? It’s an interesting statistic that can give you valuable insight into how popular a post is. But what exactly does it mean when a post has been forwarded X number of times? In this article, we’ll explore what it means to have X number of forwards on an Instagram Story, and how you can use this data to boost your own Instagram engagement.

I. What is an Instagram Story ‘Forward’?

Instagram Story ‘Forward’ is a useful tool that allows users to share posts with other users and friends. It is a great way to increase user engagement and help posts to be seen by more users.

  • How does the ‘Forward’ function work? The ‘Forward’ function can be accessed by tapping the ‘Share’ button located underneath the post. The user can then select multiple contacts from their list of followers to share the post with. The users will then receive a notification that the post has been shared with them.
  • What can be sent using the ‘Forward’ feature? The ‘Forward’ function can be used to share any content that is displayed in an Instagram Story. This includes photos, videos, links, and more.
  • Who can receive the ‘Forward’ feature? The ‘Forward’ feature can only be sent to other Instagram users. The user will need to follow the recipient in order to be able to share the post with them.

The ‘Forward’ feature is a great way to share content and increase engagement on Instagram Stories. It is a useful tool to help posts to be seen by more people and can be used to promote content.

II. How Does Instagram Count Story Forwards?

When a Story is Viewed But Not Forwarded

When someone views your story but doesn’t forward it, the story still counts as one view. Instagram stores view statistics separately from forward statistics. This means that even if no one forwards your story, they may still have viewed it, and this is reflected in the number of views we can see.

When a Story is Forwarded

When a story is forwarded, Instagram will store this and count it as two views. This means that if your story is viewed, but not forwarded, it will count as one view, and if it is forwarded, it will count as two views.

Non-Instagram Viewers

Even when your story is viewed by someone who is not on Instagram, it will still count as one view. Instagram stores a record of how many people have seen your story, even if they don’t have an account. This means that anyone with a link to your story can view it, and their view will be counted.

III. What is the Difference Between a Story Forward and an Instagram Re-share?

Using Instagram for marketing can be a great way to reach a wide audience of potential customers. Stories and re-shares are two of the most popular features on Instagram people and businesses use to boost their content and increase visibility. However, understanding the difference between them is essential.

A story forward is when a post is shared with followers as if it were a direct message. Stories are shareable and are published on a user’s profile feed, so friends, followers and potential followers can interact with the content. This allows users to easily share it with a larger audience.


  • A re-share is when someone re-uploads another user’s post as their own.
  • It’s usually done by tagging the original author in the caption.
  • This helps connect with new users and clearly credit the original author of the post

Understanding the difference between story forward and re-share is important for businesses to effectively market their products on Instagram. Both methods help to maximize reach and build relationships, so users should use both functions to create great content.

IV. What Does it Mean If a Story Is Forwarded Multiple Times?

When a story is forwarded multiple times, it likely means the story is increasing in popularity. If the story has some element of humor, drama or other interests to it, it could become much more widely known if it is shared among many different people. On the other hand, if the story contains false or exaggerated information, then it could become an internet phenomenon.

To measure the number of times a story has been forwarded, websites with reader’s reviews, such as Reddit, publish the number of times a story has been discussed and shared by readers. This also provides an indication of how many views the website has, and this can be used to compare and contrast a story’s popularity against other stories.

When a story is forwarded multiple times and becomes viral, there are a few key indicators of what it could mean.

  • The Spread of the Story: If a story is being heavily shared, it may be something that readers find entertaining or thought-provoking.
  • The Popularity of the Story: If a story gains popularity, it could be an indication that it has something worth reading.
  • The Impact of the Story: If a story is being spread on various websites and social media platforms, it could be something meaningful or even potentially change people’s minds.

V. Conclusion: What Can You Do With Story Forwards?

Story Forwards offer endless possibilities for readers to imagine, write, and collaborate. They provide a platform for allowing readers to come together and help build stories with their own creativity and togetherness.

Making Connections – Story Forwards encourages readers to create their own stories and make connections with other readers. By involving the community in writing and editing, readers gain understanding of each other and get access to a wider writing network.

Sharing Ideas – By inviting others to help contribute to the development of the story, readers can brainstorm ideas and share these with others. This allows for creativity to reach larger audiences, creating an ever-evolving and unique collaborative story.

  • Readers can create multiple story branches through story entries
  • Story Forwards allows readers to collaborate together
  • Readers can brainstorm ideas and share these with each other

Creating Communities – Story Forwards provides a platform where readers can interact and connect with each other. By allowing a platform where readers are able to stay updated on each other’s entries, they can truly create a community of readers and writers who come together to foster creativity.

Whether your Instagram story is considered “viral” or not, knowing that your post is reaching a larger audience is an accomplishment. Understanding why people are forwarding your content can help you create more successful stories and build more meaningful relationships with your followers. With the tips outlined in this article and a little bit of practice, your stories will surely take off.