What Happens When You Unblock Someone on Instagram? Do They Still Follow You?

As digital communication has become an increasingly popular and commonplace tool, it is important to understand the nuances of how platforms like Instagram work. In particular, unblocking someone on Instagram and the implications of this action is an important topic to understand. This article will provide an overview of what happens when you unblock someone on Instagram, including whether the individual will still follow you.

1. Definition: Unblocking Someone on Instagram

Unblocking someone on Instagram refers to lifting the restriction imposed by you on a particular user of the photo-sharing app. It is a process of lifting the restrictions previously made to that user, which had prevented them from viewing your profile, while they may have still been able to view your posts on your profile.

Once you block someone on Instagram, they will be unable to find your profile and your posts in their news feed. Furthermore, they won’t be able to see your stories or your highlights. They won’t be able to send you messages or information on Instagram Direct.

To unblock someone on Instagram, one must navigate to the person’s profile. From there, you can:

  • Tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner,
  • Scroll down to select unblock or unblock user,
  • Once you have tapped on the option, the user will be able to view your profile and posts again.

2. Initial Effects of Unblocking Someone

When a user unblocks someone on any social media platform, the effect is almost immediately felt. Depending on the platform, there are a few signs that demonstrate the action was successful.

On Instagram, the blocked person will immediately be able to view the user’s profile, posts, and stories. However, comments that were left on posts by the blocked person before the undoing of the block will remain blocked. In addition, the stories that were posted while the person was blocked will still remain invisible to them.

On Twitter, the unblocked user will immediately be able to mention the blocker in tweets. The unblocked user will also be allowed to view the blocker’s tweets and profiles that were blocked before the user unblocked them. In addition, the unblocked user will be able to view the tweets that were posted while they were blocked. Moreover, mutual followers will also be notified of the unblocking.

On Facebook, once someone is unblocked, they will have immediate access to the blocker’s posts and photos. In addition, the unblocked user will be able to:

  • View the blocker’s profile
  • Send friend requests to the user
  • Post on the user’s timeline
  • Tag the user in posts
  • Comment on and like the user’s posts

3. After Unblocking: Does the User Follow You?

Whether the user starts following you or not depends on various factors. It primarily depends on the individual’s nature and response to you unblocking them. In addition to that, some other aspects also come into play:

  • The number of times in the past you blocked this user
  • Whether you’ve engaged in any meaningful conversation before
  • How deep the issue between both of you was

If your relationship was pleasant: It’s nearly guaranteed that the user will follow you back. They just need a little time to assess their feelings and decide whether they want to proceed forward. Even if the user does not follow you back, it’s likely that their unfollowing does not reflect a lack of care or respect for you.

If there was an issue between both of you: Your past history is likely to influence their decision to follow or unfollow you. For example, if you’ve blocked them multiple times in the past, the user may decide not to follow you after you’ve unblocked them. This could be their way of expressing their displeasure with your behaviour.

Conclusion: It’s difficult to predict with certainty whether the user will follow you back or not. One reason is that the individual’s feelings may still be raw after the restoration of communication. As such, they might need some time to adjust before they’re ready to follow you back.

4. Other Considerations for Unblocking or Following a User

When deciding to either unblock or follow a user it’s important to consider the full context of the situation. Apart from the current context there are a few other aspects you should take into account in making your choice.

Reputation: Evaluate a user’s reputation when considering which action to take. If the user has a history of posting offensive or inflammatory content, chances are huge that they are going to do it again, and it’s best to keep their feed away from your feed. On the other hand, if their content is considered appropriate, then there’s a good chance that you want to follow them.

User Intentions: Figure out what the user’s intentions are with their posts. Are they trying to engage in an interesting conversation or are they trying to provoke arguments or even harm people? If it’s not an honest conversation and the user is trying to push an agenda or perpetuate hate they should remain blocked. Evaluating what the user is really trying to do is a good way to decide whether or not to unblock them.

Privacy: The last thing that should be considered is your own privacy. It’s wise to be aware of the fact that anything you say while following or unblocking someone can be seen by them. Make sure to protect your information and ensure that unwanted users don’t get access to sensitive data. To do this, make sure you have the correct privacy settings enabled.

  • Evaluate a user’s reputation when deciding what action to take.
  • Understand the user’s intentions with their content.
  • Protect your privacy by enabling the correct settings.

5. Conclusion: Benefits of Unblocking someone on Instagram

Removing Social Restrictions
Unblocking someone on Instagram offers an opportunity to lift the social restrictions and can benefit both parties depending on the nature of their relationship. It is often a sign of forgiveness and can be a means to settle differences caused by trivial matters. It can open the door to reconnecting with that person in an amicable way.

Reopening Communication
Blocking someone on Instagram aims to reduce or break off a connection. Unblocking them can open the channels of communication once again. This is a positive step that allows users to start conversations and engage in meaningful dialogue with the unblocked person.

Benefiting from Interaction
As users become more comfortable with reopening communication with the unblocked person, it can result in great benefits as both users can benefit from the interaction. This can include the exchange of ideas or learn about a new perspective that can then be shared with their peers. Additionally, it can create opportunities if the other person is an influencer or is connected to the industry that the user may be interested in.

In conclusion, unblocking someone on Instagram provides several benefits. You will be able to view their content, and if the user has elected to continue to follow you, you will even be able to interact with them again. However, if the user has chosen to remove their follow, you will be unable to follow them until they manually re-follow your account. Ultimately, understanding the implications of unblocking someone can ensure that you make the right decision for your account.