What Is Instagrams Nationality Challenge

The Nationality Challenge on Instagram has become a popular social media trend during the past few weeks. It involves users posting their photographs and attempting to guess the nationality of other users through the photos they have posted. In this article, we will discuss what the Nationality Challenge is, how it works and how it is helping to bridge cultural divides.

1. Introduction to the Instagram Nationality Challenge

The Instagram Nationality Challenge (#INC) is a social media challenge designed to teach and celebrate our global diversity. It is a fun, yet powerful way to connect with friends, family, and other Instagrammers from all over the world.

Objective: The main objective of the challenge is to get people talking on a variety of topics, while learning about one another’s cultures, languages, customs and national identities. Participants are asked to post images of places and people that represent their national identity and share a brief description about each one.

  • Post five images of places and people that represent your national identity.
  • Submit a brief description of each image.
  • Tag #INC in your post.

2. What is the Instagram Nationality Challenge?

The Instagram Nationality Challenge is a fun and entertaining game that encourages people to research their (or someone else’s) nationality. A user posts a pic of themselves on Instagram with a few details about their nationality and their followers try to guess which nationality they are. If their followers guess correctly, the user posts a pic of the flag of their country, along with other information about themselves.

The challenge is based on a simple format. The user posts a six-digit code that contains details such as their name, birthday, place they were born, and other information. From the information provided, followers must identify the user’s nationality.

Throughout the challenge, users can post different facts to help their followers. This can include additional personal information or facts about their culture. The goal of the challenge is to educate and increase cultural awareness on a global scale. People can learn a lot about the culture and history of different countries while taking part in this challenge.

3. Benefits of Participating in the Instagram Nationality Challenge

The Instagram Nationality Challenge presents a great way to explore and find out more about different cultures, which can be extremely beneficial. Here are some of the main advantages of taking part in the challenge:

  • New Perspectives: Participants can gain new perspectives on cultures represented in the challenge through interactions with people from these cultures. This can serve as a platform to foster meaningful connections and potentially lasting cultural exchanges.
  • Learning Opportunities: Participants may gain knowledge of different cultures by interacting with people from those cultures and by exploring types of food, fashion, music, and more. These experiences can further encourage participants to develop an appreciation for other cultures.
  • Deeper Understanding:Given that participants may be required to showcase how they can contribute to a selected culture, understanding its history, traditions, and values can let participants engage on a more meaningful level. This can ultimately lead to a greater understanding of these formerly unfamiliar cultures.

Overall, these benefits can serve as motivation for participants to take part in cultural exchange by joining the Instagram Nationality Challenge. With these intangible benefits, it is certain that the challenge can potentially serve as valuable platform to educate, build relationships, and create lasting memories.

4. Additional Resources for Learning About the Instagram Nationality Challenge

Blog Posts

  • Rachel Miller wrote a comprehensive guide to the Instagram Nationality Challenge on her blog, including an overview of the challenge, detailed instructions for participating and a list of popular Nationality Challenge posts.
  • Laura McClellan wrote a blog post about the challenge from an ethical and cultural perspective, providing her insight on the content and its creators.
  • Jackson Woods wrote a series of blog posts about the challenge, detailing his experiences with participating and exploring its implications for cultural identity.


  • Karen Lee-Jones uploaded a tutorial video explaining the concept of the challenge and giving instructions on how to participate.
  • Jack Smith posted a reaction video to popular Instagram Nationality Challenge posts, giving his opinion on their content.
  • Hal Wilson released an educational Ad to raise awareness about the challenge and the effects it can have on cultural identity.


  • The Nationality Challenge Forum is a platform where participants can post their creations and discuss the challenge with other members.
  • Reddit’s Nationality Challenge subreddit is a place to share ideas, post questions and stay up to date on the challenge.
  • The Nationality Challenge Facebook Group is an active community of participants who share their creations and offer advice to newcomers.

5. Wrapping Up: Putting the Instagram Nationality Challenge into Perspective

The Instagram Nationality Challenge exposed an interesting phenomenon with regard to the concept of global identity. On one hand, there is an increasing tendency for people to identify with multiple countries, languages, and national identities. On the other, a large part of identity still remains nation-based.

  • People could find it easier to identify with multiple nationalities at the same time.
  • It revealed a strong association of identity with the nation of origin.
  • It is more difficult to define national origins and identities from birthplace.

National identity is changing rapidly, driven by globalisation and digital technology. People are getting more connected than ever before and the concept of national identity is being adapted to this new reality. While it’s clear that nationality isn’t fully being replaced by a more global identity, the results of the Instagram Nationality Challenge suggest that it is increasingly playing a less important role in how people identify themselves. The Nationality Challenge on Instagram continues to be a fun and creative way for people to show pride for who they are, where they come from and who they identify with. It also encourages users to learn more about different cultures around the world and build meaningful connections with others. By participating in this challenge, you can help people around the globe learn more about and appreciate different cultures and nationalities.