Whenever I Log Into My Instagram The App Automatically Closes How Do I Fix It

Welcome to our guide on how to fix the problem of Instagram automatically closing whenever you try to log in. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the potential causes and provide step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue. From how to clear your browser’s cache to resetting your network connection, we’ll help you get back online in no time.

1. Why Instagram Keeps Closing Automatically

Connection Issue

Instagram might be closing automatically due to an unstable internet connection. Users connecting their devices through cellular networks, such as 4G, LTE, or 5G, or via public Wi-Fi, are more prone to this problem. Connections through mobile hotspots or while in motion (like in an automobile) could also contribute to the problem.

To check on the internet connection, start by opening a different app or website. If the other app or website works fine and you are able to access it without any issue, then you can be sure it’s a problem with Instagram.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

If the internet connection is stable, you could try a few other troubleshooting steps.

  • First, try restarting your smartphone or other device.
  • It may also help to log out and log back in again.
  • If the issue still persists, try clearing the Instagram app’s cache – either from your smartphone’s Settings, or from within the app.
  • Finally, you can try uninstalling the app and reinstalling the latest version.

If none of these steps help solve the issue, it may be a problem with your device or the current version of the Instagram app. To identify any such problems, you can try downloading the app to a different device, or contact Instagram customer service.

2. Troubleshooting Tips to Fix the Issue

If your device is displaying an unexpected issue, there are some quick and straightforward troubleshooting tips that you can follow to try and fix it.

Check Your Connection: The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Make sure that your network connection is stable and secure and that no other devices in your network environment are conflicting with yours. If you don’t have a secure connection, try connecting using a different connection type.

Restart Your Device: After making sure your connection is stable and secure, the next step is to restart your device and try again. This can often resolve minor technical issues and give your device a fresh start. When restarting your device, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to power cycle it correctly.

Check for Updates: A common cause of unexpected issues – particularly when trying to use certain features – can be outdated software and drivers. Make sure you check for any available updates for your device, and always make sure to install them as soon as they become available. To check for updates, you can typically open your device’s settings menu and select the “update” option.

3. How to Clear Cache from Instagram App

Clear Cache from Instagram App on Android Devices

If you frequently use the Instagram app on your Android device, you may wish to clear its cache from time to time. Freeing up this storage space can help your device run more smoothly, especially if it’s been slowing down.

To clear the cache from your Android device, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the App Manager of your device. This can usually be found in Settings, or Applications.
  • Scroll down to the Instagram app, click on it, and then click Storage.
  • You should then have the option to Clear Cache. Click this button and then confirm the selection.
  • The cache should then be deleted from your device.

Clear Cache from Instagram App on iOS Devices

If you’re an iPhone user and you’re looking to clear the Instagram app cache, then you’ll need to take a slightly different approach. Unfortunately, with iOS devices, you can’t clear the cache of individual apps – instead, you’ll need to remove the app altogether and then reinstall it.

Follow the steps outlined below to clear the iOS cache of Instagram:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, tap and hold the Instagram icon until it starts shaking.
  • Tap the ‘x’ in the corner of the pinned icon.
  • Confirm to delete the app and then search for ‘Instagram’ in the App Store, select it, and then reinstall it.
  • Your Instagram app should now have been reset and its cache cleared.

4. How to Delete and Reinstall the Instagram App

Step 1: Backup Data
Before deleting the Instagram app, it is important to backup any data you want to save. This includes saving any photos or videos that you have posted or that have been sent to you, as they will be lost when you delete the app. You can download the Instagram app to your device to view content and save photos and videos.

Step 2: Delete & Reinstall the App
Once your data is backed up, you can delete the Instagram app from your device. On an iPhone, open the ‘Settings’ app, locate the ‘General’ menu, select the ‘iPhone Storage’ section and choose the ‘Instagram’ app to delete it. After that, the app can be uninstalled from your device.

To reinstall the Instagram app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, search for the app and press ‘Install’.

Step 3: Recover Data
When the Instagram app is reinstalled on your device, you can use your old login details to gain access to the app. Logged in successfully, you can recover your backed up data. This includes restoring any photos and videos you have previously saved. You can also continue where you left off with your profile and other account settings.

5. Tips to Prevent Instagram App from Closing Automatically

1. Check for OS System Updates

If you are seeing Instagram suddenly closing on its own, you should check for system updates for the device you are using. In some cases, the OS update or security patches may fix the problem. Make sure to update all applications on the device.

2. Reinstall Instagram

If you have been running the same version of Instagram for a long time and the issue still persists, it’s time to uninstall the app and reinstall it. It might do the trick and resolve the issue.

3. Clear App Data

This should be the last resort. Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Storage and clear data of the application. Clearing the data will log you out of the account. Log back in and check if the app still closes automatically.

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful insight into how to fix the issue of Instagram spontaneously closing whenever you try and sign in. Whether it’s logging out and back in, deleting the app and re-downloading it, or checking your phone’s data connection, keep trying until you find the right solution and start capturing all of your best memories on Instagram once again!