Why Did My Ex Remove Me From Their Followers List on Instagram but Still Follows Me?

While the motivations behind a person’s decision to unfollow another account on social media may seem random and without meaning, it is worth examining the reasons why someone’s ex may have removed them from their followers list on Instagram but still be following them. Unfollowing someone on Instagram could have deeper implications for the relationship dynamics between two people and could provide some useful insights into how the other person is feeling. In this article, we will explore why someone’s ex may have removed them from their followers list on Instagram while still following them.

I. Introduction to Followers Lists on Instagram

Following and followers lists on Instagram are a part of the platform’s UI. These refer to the accounts that a specific user follows, as well as all users who follow them. Being connected this way allows users to stay up-to-date with their friends and the people they admire. It is important to note that these lists cannot be edited on Instagram’s core feature, but users can choose to customize them with third-party applications.

Using the following list, a user can access an individual’s profile and are likely to also view their posts. By selecting the followers list, Instagram reveals a compilation of all users who follow that person. Instantly, users can also review their recent activity and posts if the account is public.

Finally, when a user attempts to follow or unfollow an individual on Instagram, that action is added or removed automatically in the followers list. It is also important to highlight that both lists display only the most recent 500 following and followers, respectively. To make matters easier, users can type a specific account’s username in the search bar to quickly locate it.

II. Reasons for Being Removed From a Follower List

Following Too Much

Unwanted notifications, such as mass follows and multiple likes are one of the reasons users may opt to remove someone from their followers list. Following too much or too quickly can appear to be like spam, making users feel uncomfortable with being connected. It is good to remember not to follow too many people at once.

Posting Unwanted Content

As the content a user posts reflects them, some may opt to discontinue the relationship if their content doesn’t match up with their own belief system, or even if they find it too offensive or crass. Posting subjective material, such as unsolicited promotion, can be deemed too much and may result in being removed from a follower list.

Disregarding Rules

Following the rules of a certain user’s page is essential as it keeps things comfortable between both parties. Disregarding these rules, or deliberately going against the content posted on their social media, can also put followers in danger of being removed from the followers list. It is important to remember that what is posted on someone else’s page should align with the standards they have put in place.

III. Impact of Being Removed From a Follower List

Having someone you follow on social media remove you from their following list can have a number of impacts; both positive and negative. Here is a look at some of the effects that can occur.

Emotional Impact

Perhaps the most common immediate impact of being removed from someone’s follower list is the emotional response. Those who are removed may feel that the other person no longer values their friendship and that they have been betrayed in some way. This reaction can be especially strong if the user previously followed the other person. Other potential emotions might include shock, sadness and anger.


Even if the person who removed you from their list is not a celebrity, their opinion and opinion about you can still affect your reputation in the eyes of their followers. For example, if your former follower often produces content that is seen as negative by their followers, then those same people may come to associate negativity with you too.

Business Impact

For users who promote or endorse products, or those with a professional profile in the social media sphere, being removed from a follower list can have a significant negative impact on their visibility. This is because it reduces the number of users who are exposed to the user’s content, thus reducing their potential reach. A drop on one’s following list count also sends a message to potential followers that the user is not as popular as they appear.

IV. Key Considerations to Make After Being Removed From a Follower List

The removal of one’s account after it has been added to another individual’s follower list carries implications that can have lasting consequences. It is important that one takes the time to consider the possible after-effects of the incident to ensure that any damage is mitigated. Below are some key considerations to make following one’s removal.

Engage Your Community: Following a removal, it is important to seek support and reassurance within your existing network and broader community. This can help to ensure that individuals feel seen and help to build up relationships. It can also help to maintain a sense of community and help individuals stay focused in the aftermath of a removal.

Take Steps to Strengthen Your Platform: Being removed from a follower list can be indicative of a need for improvement in the management of one’s platform or social media presence. One should review areas of their platform where there could be improvement and take steps to rectify any areas that could be strengthened. This can help to ensure that one’s presence on social media accounts remains healthy.

Identify Learning Opportunities: Being removed from a follower list is an opportunity to reflect and learn, ensuring that one grows and improves in any areas of their online presence. Key areas of learning can include improved self-awareness, communication and etiquette, as well as a better understanding of the expectations of one’s followers and their wider community.

  • Engage your community
  • Take steps to strengthen your platform
  • Identify learning opportunities

V. Concluding Remarks on Being Removed From a Follower List

As difficult as it can be, it is essential to acknowledge one’s feelings when being removed from a follower list. Without insight into this reaction, it can be hard to move forward in a constructive way.

Firstly, this action leaves the individual feeling hurt or unappreciated. While these feelings are natural, they should be processed constructively. One way to do this is to confront the feelings. Take the time to think about why the individual removed you and the message those feelings hold. This allows the individual to gain real insight into the situation.

In addition, it is beneficial to hold a compassionate understanding of the other person. This can feel difficult, particularly when hurt, but there is often a reason behind someone’s actions that can be valuable to consider. Furthermore, by showing self-compassion, the individual can handle the situation with grace and come away from it unscathed.

  • Acknowledge your feelings
  • Process reactions constructively
  • Show self-compassion

It is understandable to feel heartbroken when an ex unfollows you on social media, but it is important to remember that it can be a sign of acceptance and respect of personal boundaries. There is no one-size-fits-all answer regarding why an ex would follow yet remove you from their followers list. Focus on yourself and your wellbeing above all else and look for positive activities that will help you move on and heal.