Why Does Every Time I Select Multiple Photos On Instagram They Crop

Have you ever selected multiple photos to post to your Instagram account, only to find that some of the edges have been cropped? This issue is common and can be a source of frustration when you’re trying to create a gallery of pictures. In this article, we’ll explore why Instagram crops photos when you select multiple images, as well as how you can avoid it.

2. What Happens When Selecting Multiple Photos on Instagram?

When selecting multiple photos on Instagram, you are given a few functions to work with. By pressing select all, you can choose multiple photos from your library from one or multiple folders. Photos can also be selected by pressing and holding on a single photo.

    Here are your options for working with multiple photos after selecting them:
  • Reorder: The order of photos can be changed by simply dragging and dropping them.
  • Edit: Once all the photos are gathered, you can refine each image by editing the contents of the post, the colours, the filter, and more.
  • Delete: Photos can be removed from the selection quickly and easily.

It is also possible to deselect a single photo or all of the selected photos in the selection. However, once all of the selected photos have been uploaded, it is not possible to deselect them. You must manually delete each photo from the post or album to remove them.

3. Troubleshooting Multiple Photo Selection on Instagram

Identifying the Problem

Instagram’s multiple photo selection feature may malfunction due to a varied number of reasons such as a missing feature update, outdated app version, or third-party interference. It’s important to identify the problem before attempting to decrypt a solution. Common indicators of this malfunction include:

  • Difficulty or inability to select multiple images for upload
  • Error messages when trying to choose more than one image
  • A seemingly permanent shift from single select to multiple select modes

Checking the Instagram App

The Instagram app should be the first place you check when encountering difficulty with Instagram’s multiple photo selection feature. If there was recently a feature update, it should be checked to see if it has been installed correctly. If the Instagram version is outdated, then updating to the latest version should resolve the issue if the cause is a broken feature update.

Checking for Interference

If the Instagram app checks out, then interference by third-party apps, root software, or antivirus software may be the cause of the malfunction. To troubleshoot, make sure you have cleared browsing and downloaded data from other apps, restarted the device, and make sure that no antivirus software is blocking the app. If none of the above methods resolve the issue, then factory reset the app or contact the Instagram support team for assistance.

4. Alternatives to Crop When Selecting Multiple Photos

Having an easy way of quickly selecting multiple photos without the hassle of cropping individual photos is great. To save time and energy when selecting multiple photos, here are some great alternatives to crop that you can use:

  • Drag and Drop: This is the simplest and quickest way to select multiple photos. Just select multiple photos and drag and drop them into the required folder.
  • Batch Renaming: This is a great solution for those that need to quickly rename multiple photos with the same name. Just select the photos you want to rename and drag and drop them into the Batch Renaming mode.
  • Creating Albums: You can create albums and then select all the photos at once. This is great for selecting multiple photos that are related in a certain way.

If you still want to crop your photos, many applications allow for cropping multiple photos at the same time. This can help save a lot of time and energy if you need to make sure that all the photos are cropped to the same size.

Regardless of the option you choose, you can save a great amount of time and maximize your productivity when selecting multiple photos.

5. Takeaways From Multiple Photo Selection on Instagram

Posting Multiple Photos

Posting multiple photos on Instagram is a great way to share multiple moments or different angles of a single event. If you are looking to draw more attention to your post, posting multiple pictures on Instagram can be a great way to grab attention and increase engagement with your followers.

Tips for Posting Multiple Photos

  • Choose images that can stand alone or tell a single story when put together.
  • Make sure all the photos are the same size.
  • Use the same filter for all the images to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Organize the photos so that the most important image comes first.
  • Try to post multiple images at the same time, if possible.
  • Keep the captions short and relevant.
  • Tag any relevant accounts, locations, and hashtags.


  • Posting multiple photos can help capture more attention from your followers.
  • Choose images that can each stand alone or tell a story when put together.
  • Make sure all the photos are organized and the same size, with a common filter being used.
  • Keep the captions short, relevant, and tag any relevant accounts or locations.

Selecting multiple photos on Instagram cropping feature can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re creating albums or settings with many images. With this feature, you can choose to display a single portion from multiple photos. Keep in mind that this feature is currently only available on the mobile version of Instagram and it is a useful tool for making the most out of your pictures.