Why Does My Instagram Crash After A Few Seconds

We’ve all faced it – the dreaded Instagram crash. You open the app, scroll for a few seconds, and then bam! You’re staring at a blank screen. It’s frustrating, and it’s easy to blame the app… but what’s really going on here? In this article, we’re diving into why your Instagram might crash after a few seconds. We’ll cover the potential causes and provide tips on how to fix the issue. So if you’re ready to take a deeper dive and get to the bottom of this, let’s get started!

1. Identifying Common Causes of Instagram Crashes

User-side Issues

Many Instagram crashes are caused by user-side issues, such as an outdated app version or device firmware. Regularly check your app store for new updates, and ensure you’re running the latest version of the Instagram app. The same should also be done for your device’s firmware, along with any modifications that are installed. Additionally, ensure that your device has enough storage and resources to run the app.

Network Issues

Network related issues are another potential cause of Instagram crashing. This could include connection issues, blocked ports and insecure servers. If you experience unusual behaviors with the app, try to restart your device and router, and check the quality of your connection. If needed, contact your network security provider to identify and fix any network issues.

Third-party Supporting Apps

Third-party supporting apps such as anti-virus programs can also cause Instagram crashes. Some of these third-party tools may be blocking Instagram or causing unauthorized access to your account. To troubleshoot the issue, try temporarily disabling the third-party app and restarting the device. If this resolves the problem, consider uninstalling the third-party app or reconfiguring its settings to be more compatible with the Instagram app.

2. Investigating Your Phone’s Performance

If you’re trying to determine what might be causing your phone to slow down, you should start by understanding its performance. Knowing the vital components of your phone, such as its CPU, memory, and battery, is essential to troubleshooting.

Here are some clear indications that your phone’s performance is suffering:

  • Your phone has overheating issues.
  • The apps are slow to load or freeze up.
  • Your device has become sluggish.
  • The battery is draining rapidly.

Take a look at your phone’s resources. To get a deeper understanding of your phone’s performance, you need to identify how its resources are being used. For instance, track which applications are taking up the most or least amount of memory. In addition, you should review the running apps, as some of them can be draining the battery and slowing down your phone.

3. Adjusting Your Settings to Prevent Crashes

Check Your System Requirements
Whether you are using a laptop or desktop computer, make sure that it meets the operating system and hardware requirements of any applications or games you plan to use. It is also important to clear out any unnecessary files, applications, or programs that could be taking up extra memory on your system.

Update Your Drivers
Outdated drivers can cause frequent crashing, so make sure that the latest versions of any drivers you need are installed and functioning correctly. Check for any available updates for you operating system and any applications you are using.

Ensure Adequate Memory
To avoid your computer crashing, ensure that it has sufficient memory. Allocate more RAM or solid state drive storage for applications with heavy memory needs, such as video games or photo editing applications. You can also make sure that you:

  • Close any unnecessary applications running in the background.
  • Delete files, applications, or programs you no longer need.
  • Install a system optimizer to evaluate and manage your computer’s resources.

4. Clearing Your Cache and Resetting Instagram

If your recent Instagram posts are not appearing, or if you’re seeing an unusual number of login requests, you may want to consider clearing your account’s cache and resetting your Instagram profile.

Here are some of the steps you should take when :

  • Log out of your account: To start, log out of your Instagram account by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner and tapping the menu icon in the top right corner. Tap the “Log Out” button.
  • Clear your cache: Next, you will need to clear your phone’s cache. This can be done by going to your phone’s settings, opening the “Apps & Notifications” menu, and selecting the “Instagram” app from the list. Then, select the “Storage” option, and tap the “Clear Cache” button. This will clear your Instagram’s cache, but it will not delete any of your posts or stories.
  • Reset your profile: To reset your profile, go to your profile page, tap the menu icon in the top right corner, and select the “Edit Profile” button. Scroll down and check to ensure that all of your profile information is correct. If any information is incorrect, make the necessary changes. Then, tap the “Done” button.

These steps should help you to clear your cache and reset your profile. If these do not work, it is best to contact Instagram support for further assistance.

5. Contacting Instagram’s Technical Support Team

Sometimes, technical issues with Instagram can’t be solved on your own. If you find yourself needing extra help, Instagram’s technical support team can be available to assist. Understanding how to contact their team can be immensely helpful if you are having any issues:

  • Find the help option in Instagram’s ‘Settings’ menu. If you cannot locate the help option in the ‘Settings’ menu, search the Instagram help center online.
  • Explain the issue clearly to the help agent. Include all the details of your issue and consider screenshots to include as part of the message.
  • The help team will then guide you through a series of questions to help solve the issue. The support team is typically very efficient and responsive to queries.

If you are still unable to find a solution, Instagram’s technical support team may be able to provide more in-depth assistance. It can take up to 24 hours for responses from the technical support team, so be aware of the potential wait time.

We have explored the various reasons why your Instagram might crash after a few seconds. It could be due to a low-end device, an outdated iOS version, or a network connection issue. Try the simple solutions presented and you should be able to fix the issue soon.