Why Have Someones Likes Disappeared From My Instagram

Are you noticing some of your posts on Instagram have suddenly fewer likes? If you have been perplexed by the sudden loss of likes on certain images, you’re not alone. Losing likes can feel like a shock, especially when you’re used to the positive reinforcement you receive from the likes your pictures receive. In this article, we’ll explore some of the possible reasons why your posts could be losing likes and discuss potential solutions.

1. Understanding Instagram’s Like System

Understanding Instagram’s like system is important to get the most out of your Instagram presence. The following explains the different aspects of Instagram’s like system:


If someone chooses to follow your account, they are signaling they like your content. They will be notified of your posts and can easily like, comment, and share your content. This can provide additional reach, encouraging a larger audience to interact with your posts.

Liking Photos

On the other hand, people can also like your posts without following your account. Everyone can like your photos, even if they are not following you and don’t receive notifications about your posts.


Using hashtags in your posts also increases their chances of being liked by others. If your post contains relevant and popular hashtags, more people will be able to find it and like it.

  • Hashtags can be used to show relevant topics and areas in the post description.
  • The hashtags will also be scanned by Instagram for their algorithm.
  • Using hashtags can increase the organic reach of your post.

2. Reasons Behind Disappearing Likes

There are many possible reasons why likes have been disappearing. In particular, these are among the most common explanations:

  • The user unintentionally tapped the unlike button.
  • A page bug. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are complex pieces of software and sometimes the code may not be working in the intended manner.
  • A bug in the app itself. This is especially true for mobile apps, as users may have greatly different versions of the same app.

Platforms are reducing the visibility of likes. Recently, social media platforms have been reducing the visibility of likes in order to create a more positive environment for users. This is done because platforms want to encourage people to create and engage in meaningful content, rather than just liking posts simply to boost the likes of that post. The change has been introduced by social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram, but other smaller platforms are following suit as well.

Like Imbalance. If a person has significantly more likes than their follower count, then it might be a sign of like imbalance. Platforms will deem this suspicious behavior, as it implies the person is buying or exchanging likes to boost their post. This can be detrimental to their page and cause the likes to disappear.

3. How to Refresh and Avoid Disappearing Likes

Refreshing Your Content

Refreshing your content regularly is a key aspect of keeping your likes from disappearing. Content that is neglected or left dormant will not attract as much engagement as something that is frequently updated. Through refreshes, you can keep your content engaging. For example, if you create a post and it quickly drops off the newsfeed, it may be advisable to schedule a second post to continue pushing your content.

Getting More Engagement

In addition to refreshing your content, you should also actively engage with your followers. This could include reposting user-generated content, responding to comments, and utilizing interactive elements such as polls and quizzes. The key is to incentivize your followers to interact with your content, as this can increase the number of likes.

Increasing Reach Organically

Organic reach is one of the best ways to ensure that your content reaches a wider audience. To do this, you should use hashtags and keywords in your posts to ensure that your content is found by users who are searching for topics related to your content. Additionally, it is important to source content from other influencers to increase the chances of your content being seen by their followers.

4. The Downside of Instagram Likes

Instagram likes give users a sense of self-validation, but there are downsides to consider as well.

Equating Validation with Likes – For many users, the amount of Instagram likes a post gets becomes the measure of its worth in their head. Receiving hundreds of likes can give users a sense of validation they may not get anywhere else and this can become a bit of an addiction. Rather than creating content they enjoy, they may shape their content around what their followers like.

Obsession with Post Performance – If Instagram likes become a measure of self-worth, it can breed an unhealthy obsession with how well posts perform. Even when posts were created to promote creativity and self-expression, it can come off as laboured or mechanical as the aim is to get as many likes as possible. This also encourages users to compare themselves to others and affects their mental health.

Possible Manipulation of Likes – For external users, buying Instagram likes and comments has become very easy. Although the actual authenticity of the users remains in doubt, it can have an impact on the algorithm and push it up to the top. This can cause some genuine posts, by genuine users, to get overshadowed by those that have been ‘bought’.

5. Is it Worth Tracking Likes?

Does Counting Likes Offer Valuable Insights?

Tracking likes on social media can help facilitate valuable insights. Likes can reveal which content is popular, allowing marketers to focus on content that resonates with their target audience. By comparing likes to other factors (such as comments), it is possible to accurately gauge which type of content is the most appealing. Doing so can effectively increase the success of campaigns.

By tracking likes, you can also identify which influencers are the most impactful, as well as monitor your competitor’s success and adapt accordingly. Likes also allow you to evaluate industry-related trends and give you a better understanding of what type of content is currently popular.

Accurately tracking likes also allows you to identify and target the right audience for your content. This can be especially effective for small businesses that need to make the most of their marketing budget. By understanding how different audiences respond to particular content, you can start gaining visibility with potential customers.

  • Tracking likes offers valuable insights, such as which content is popular and resonates with a target audience.
  • Analyzing likes helps identify and track influential figures, evaluate trends and target the right audience for specific content.
  • Tracking likes is a useful tool for small businesses that need to make the most of their marketing budget.

Overall, it is essential to ensure that you are following Instagrams guidelines and policies. By doing so, you can help ensure that likes and any other suspected issues are avoided. If you need further information or help regarding a lost like or any other matter, it is best to reach out to Instagram’s help page and contact report.