Why Is My Instagram Not Showing The Instagram Reel Feature After Updating With The Latest Version

Many Instagram users have recently noticed that the Reels feature has disappeared after a recent update of their app. This has confused and frustrated many users who wish to share short videos and music clips. This article will explore why this feature is not showing up for some users after updating and what can be done to fix it.

1. Introduction to Instagram Reel Feature

Instagram Reels is a feature which allows you to create 15- or 30-second entertaining videos which can be shared with your followers and across the Instagram platform. It was launched in 2020 as an effort by Instagram to keep up with other apps with similar offerings, such as TikTok.

While the same basic principles of short-form videos apply, there are a few features that make Instagram Reels more unique. Here are a few of those features:

  • Musical clips: You can use music from either Instagram’s internal library or from a third-party copyright-free digital music library.
  • Effects and stickers: Much like fun video filters available on Instagram, Reels adds an arsenal of quirky and fun effects and stickers to your mini-videos.
  • Customizable length: While Reels is timed-based, you can choose from 15 or 30-second lengths, allowing you to either create a longer or shorter video depending on your needs.

Reels is quickly becoming one of the most powerful promotional tools for brands and influencers, offering the opportunity to create dynamic, creative, and engaging content. With the right strategy, it can help you gain visibility, grow your followers and improve your brand presence.

3. How to Troubleshoot Instagram Reel Feature Not Showing Issue

Having trouble with the Instagram Reel feature? Don’t worry, there are several ways to troubleshoot. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Check System Settings: Make sure your internet connection is strong and that your device meets the minimum hardware requirements for using Instagram Reels. It’s possible that the feature may not be available if your system doesn’t meet the objectives.
  • Log Out and Log Back In: When troubleshooting any issue, restarting the application is usually the best option. Try log out from the app and log back in to see if the feature has started working.
  • Create a New Post: If you still don’t see the Reel feature showing, create a new post then check if the Reel feature is working. A good practice is to make sure the post is visible to the public.

When you face any issue while using Instagram Reel feature, you must troubleshoot the issue first before taking any other step. Always remember to check your system settings, log out and log back in, and create a new post to see if the feature is available.

4. Other Factors That May Affect Seeing Instagram Reel Feature

Country – This is an important factor that can determine whether you will or won’t see the Instagram Reel feature. Depending on where you are located, certain features can only be made visible in specific countries and states. Make sure that your country supports the feature.

Device – The type of device you are using can also be a factor in how you view Instagram Reels. Certain devices may not be able to access the feature due to compatibility issues. Before you can see the Reel feature, you will have to make sure your device supports it.

Age – Age is also an important factor. Instagram Reels are meant for people over the age of 13, so this feature may be blocked from view for younger users. To view Reels, you will have to be of the age required to access them.

  • Make sure your country supports the feature
  • Confirm your device can access the feature
  • Ensure you are older than 13

5. Summary and Best Practices to Ensure Instagram Reel Feature is Always Accessible

Instagram Reel feature can be a powerful tool for brands and businesses to expand their reach and engage with their followers. However, to ensure the feature is always accessible and functioning properly, the following best practices should be applied.

  • Regularly monitor the performance: It’s important to regularly review your account to make sure it’s fully optimized and functioning correctly. Inspect the performance in the Instagram Reels feature and look for areas to improve.
  • Design content with the optimal image size: For the best performance of an Instagram Reels post, the optimal video and image size is 640px by 640px. To ensure your content performs properly, design images and videos according to the given sizing recommendation.
  • Utilize hashtags to boost visibility: Hashtags are a great way to increase the reach of your content. When designing an Instagram Reels post, include relevant and trending hashtags to help spread your content and attract more followers.

Furthermore, businesses should take advantage of the Instagram Reel Ads feature. This allows businesses to create ads that are featured at the top of the Instagram Reels feature. The ads will stand out and will be seen by more users. Lastly, businesses should consider partnering with influencers to help promote their content. This will help to reach an even wider audience. By following these best practices, businesses can be sure that the Instagram Reel feature is always accessible and performing well. If you are still having trouble after trying the suggestions above, contact the Instagram support so they can help troubleshoot further. It is important to understand how to access the Instagram Reel feature to ensure you can get the most out of your Instagram account. With a few easy adjustments, you will quickly be able to access and use the Instagram Reel feature after your app is updated.