Why Wont Instagram Let Me Create A New Account It Keeps Coming Up Error And Saying Its Restricted

If you’re trying to create a new Instagram account and it’s coming up with an error message saying that your new account is restricted, you’re not alone. Many people have struggled with the same issue, unable to get their new account off the ground. In this article, we’ll explore why Instagram might be blocking your new account and what you can do about it.

1. Investigating the Instagram New Account Creation Error

Recently, many users have experienced a critical issue with creating a new Instagram account. It appears that the errors are due to several main factors:

  • Incorrect date of birth
  • Incorrect email address
  • Incorrect phone number
  • Incorrect scan of ID

The incorrect date of birth might be caused by using an incorrect format or a longer format than is necessary. To accurately format your date of birth, use the DDMMYYYY format. For example, if your birthday is August 19, 2012, enter 19082012 in the DOB field.

The incorrect email address or phone number may be due to a typo in the input or not using one of the accepted email or phone formates. Make sure you have correctly spelled out and entered your email address or phone number. Additionally, make sure you have used the correct format. For example, the phone number should include your country code and do not include any hyphens, spaces or other special characters.

2. What Causes the Instagram New Account Creation Error?

Known issues with creating a new Instagram account could be related to instability with Instagram’s servers or problem with the internet connection you are using. These issues happen rarely and can be fixed by some basic steps.

1. Incorrect email address or phone number: Typically, when Instagram has difficulty creating a new account, it is because the email address or phone number you are entering is incorrect. Make sure the email address or phone number you are using is valid.

2. Verification code not delivered: An error may appear if the 6-digit verification code sent to your email or mobile phone was not successfully delivered.

  • Check your spam folder to see if the email was filtered there.
  • If your phone number was given, try to resend the code through SMS.

3. Closing the app too quickly: If you close the Instagram app before the account is fully created, you may experience an error. Ensure the app is running in the background while the account is being created.

3. How to Fix the Instagram New Account Creation Error

If you’re faced with an issue during your new account creation process on Instagram, here are a few steps to take to try and fix it.

  • Check you’re using the latest version of the Instagram app. Go to your app store or Google Play and make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app.
  • Quit the app and try again. Open your phone settings, find the Instagram app, and select ‘force stop’ to quit your existing Instagram session. Then try reloading the IG app and the account creation process again.
  • Check your email service. If neither of the steps above work, check with your email services to make sure they are allowing emails from Instagram.

If the issue still persists, contact Instagram directly via their helpline. A team of trained professionals will help you work through your issue as fast and efficiently as possible.

4. Best Practices to Avoid the Instagram New Account Creation Error

Create a Unique Password
It is important to create a unique and complex password to unlock your Instagram account. Some passwords may be weak, which could lead to hackers breaking into your profile and you experiencing the Instagram new account creation error. Some best practices for creating a secure password are:

  • Make your password long, 8 characters or above.
  • Include both upper and lower case letters.
  • Include numbers, special characters and non-alphanumeric characters in your password.
  • Do not re-use passwords.

Never Share Login Information
Never share the login information of your Instagram account with anyone and be wary of phishing attempts. Sharing login information with third parties can put your account in danger and increase the chances of triggering the Instagram new account creation error when you attempt to log in. If a third party gains access to your account, they may even delete your account and you will have no way to recover it.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication (2FA) can help protect your account from unauthorized access. Anytime someone attempts to login to your account, they will need access to your mobile phone for a one-time code or password. This helps make sure that even if someone knows your username and password, they still won’t be able to access your account. Through 2FA, you can reduce the risk of the Instagram new account creation error when you attempt to log in.

5. Alternatives to Creating a New Instagram Account

Suspending an Account: One alternative to creating a new Instagram account is the option to suspend an existing one. This option temporarily deactivates an existing Instagram account but allows users to reactivate it at any time. This way, users can maintain their followers and content on the platform and avoid the need to start new Instagram accounts.

Using Apps: There are various free third-party apps available to help users with managing multiple Instagram accounts. With apps like Hootsuite and buffer, users can easily manage their Instagram accounts, switch between them, and even schedule content. With these apps, users can easily and efficiently manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Using Hashtags: Hashtags can also be used as an alternative to creating new Instagram accounts. Instead of creating multiple accounts for different types of content, users can use relevant content-specific hashtags to help their posts get found by the right people. Once a user has established a particular hashtag for their account, they can continue to use the same hashtag for all their posts in the future.

In conclusion, Instagram can be a great way to express yourself and share content with your friends. However, if you find yourself unable to create a new account due to an error or restriction, it can become frustrating. Hopefully this article has explained some of the potential causes and solutions that you can use to get your new Instagram account working in no time.